Monday, November 29, 2010

A website to get a Google Adsense account without a website/blog by writing Articles

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HubPages is a website where people who don't have a website or blog can get an approved for adsense by just writing articles of their own choice. Hubpages takes 0% of the share and it is just like an ordinary website allowing people to blog in it but just that they get the popularity. Its free to sign and gives its users lot of help when blogging. Also it increases the typing ability of the users. People can create their hubs and HubPages keeps those "hubs" going for a long time and they choose where to put Google Ads and you just have to write articles, also called as "Hubs".
In HubPages, you need to write original content of your own because duplicate content rarely gets indexed, so be good in choosing a topic and write lots about it.
You need to choose good keywords for your hubs because sometimes ads don't appear much like your hub and you should choose some keywords which are most likely searched for.
After making your hub, read "steps to make your blog popular" article to make it popular.

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