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Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites - Increase your Adsense income using Adsense revenue sharing websites

The most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing website is likely to be Youtube or BloggerOther then these, websites that can help to increase someone's Google Adsense income are:


You can create a general store at Zlio.com and sell their products & get commissions for them too. You choose the products that you want to sell. You can place ads through Google Adsense & earn additional income.
After creating a store at Zlio.com, go to the post "Steps to make your Blog Popular" post and do all the thing mentioned their except that replace the blog's address with your Zlio shop address. Although it closed on September of 2011. Read about this here.


Youtube is one of the best sites when it comes to increasing your Adsense income. The best way to earn through youtube is by socializing your youtube videos through social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. The more views you get for your video, the more are the chances of you to earn. Some people earn approximately 335,000$ a year through their youtube videos, which is the highest amount earned by a youtube user in the year 2010.
You can view my Youtube channel at this link.


Blogger is the second best source of increasing someone's Google Adsense income. You can write as much as you want about anything and you actually get paid for it. The more the people visit your blog the more you can earn through it. The popularity of your blog is directly dependent on the number of your blog posts.

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Wordpress is a very big blogging network. The main thing about it is that it makes your blogs popular instantly with the help of Ping-o-matic. It is good for writing blogs and using for cross references. Inorder to share revenue with Wordpress, you need to contact the wordpress team first. They take 50% of your Google Adsense income, i.e., their revenue sharing is 50%.

Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search engine works as same as the ordinary Adsense for Search search engine works but it allows you to search only the chosen websites or blogs, which are chosen by you. Like if I have 5 websites, I add them to my custom search engine and put the search engine in all the websites. Now, if any one wants to, he can search all of my five website at one place and this will also show Google Adsense search ads with them too.
Check out the AKBlogs search engine below:


Feedburner is a feed creating & managing website. You can create your blog's feed by using feed burner and you get 100% of the Adsense revenue. However, Adsense closed down Adsense for feeds a long time ago in 2012.
Check out Ali Khan Blogs site feed here.

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Docstoc is and online document sharing and documents selling website. See "Making Money through Documents" for further explanation.


IsPhotoBomb is a photos sharing website. See "Increase your Google Adsense income by hosting images" for further reference.


Its a free website hosting service with lots of interesting tools and gadgets like site stats and easy to use user interface as well. They take 50% of your adsense income. Revenue sharing is 50%.

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