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How do I Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account? Get it Reinstated

Getting a Google Adsense account can be a hard task but after you've established yourself as a good blogger or developer and sufficient amount of traffic is coming towards your blog, you can easily get a Google Adsense account. But this is not the worrying thing about blogging.

The most worrying thing for a blogger is getting his Google Adsense account disapproved for invalid click activity which he did not commit. Afterwards how do you reactivate your disabled or disapproved adsense account? Get it Reinstated but how? Firstly we'll see what the fault really is.

Invalid Clicks

What are invalid clicks? These are basically clicks that a publisher does on his own ads. This is not allowed by Google Adsense. Basically its like taking your salary from your employer by force. 
Google Adsense is quite strict when it comes to invalid clicks. Every bloggers worst nightmare is to receive an email from Google Adsense that says your account is suspended for invalid click activity which he did not commit.

High CTR

CTR is the click through rate of ads. I wrote about it in detail in another article. Google adsense also takes a high CTR value as invalid click activity. Although it does seem wrong, but people with low website traffic tend to suffer because of this. On average a CTR of 15% is the maximum that Google Adsense allows as safe. Any higher could get you penalized for invalid click activity.
Recently, Google Adsense has become more aware of invalid clicks and tend to cut off the revenue generated from invalid clicks from publisher's accounts. This is somewhat better than losing your revenue source completely.

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Any one who has a disapproved or disabled Google Adsense account can not get it back, even if his account is disabled due to invalid clicks. What someone can do is to Contact Google Adsense.
Or you can go to the contact form to give them a detailed analysis of your problem and then submit a reason for account termination. If your reason is valid there's a good chance your account will be reinstated.
The third thing that someone can do is to close his disabled/dissaproved adsense account and open a new one from the same email address.
  • Click here to go to the account cancellation form.
The fourth and final thing you can do is fill the appeal form. Don't use this form if your account has never been active, suspended for invalid traffic or policy reasons or you would like to report or appeal a policy violation or your Google Account has been disabled, rather than your AdSense account.
But there are certain rules that if not followed could lead to permanent ban from Google Adsense.

Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account

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I hope this article helps you, how to reactivate a disabled or disapproved Adsense account? Getting it reinstated is certainly not an easy task. I will be writing more on these sorts of articles and don't forget to follow my blog Ali Khan Blogs on facebook at Akblogspk.


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