Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making Money through Moneybookers Referral System

Money Bookers is a very popular way to send and receive money online. Many of you will be thinking how can we make money from a money transferring company but let me tell you that people can find easy and reliable ways to make money through different ways. Money from Money Bookers can be accepted in shops in more than 80 nations world wide. Money Bookers is the actual alternative for PayPal because if you live in Pakistan or any other country that PayPal does not support, you cannot send or receive money easily as PayPal does it. So Money Bookers can prove to be a good alternative for that. The other thing is their referral program, which is the main source of income for you, any person who refers a friend gets 100 Euros for that referral, which is equal to 127$. This is a very easy thing to do. The easiest way is to place their referral link in your e-mail signature. This way your referral link gets spread like jam on a sandwich. You can also put its referral link in ads and place them on your website. Go to and get your referral link at

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