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Adding a Youtube Video to Bloggertube Blog

Bloggertube is a very helpful blogger template, it was once a "video template" that supported youtube videos and allowed blogs to share video content easily. The theme needs better treatment from its developers. After a few good years, the theme started showing poor performance and eventually died out. Still you can use it to share youtube videos on your blog.

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Adding a Youtube Video to Bloggertube Blog

The basic need of Adding a Youtube Video to Bloggertube Blog is an endofvid tag. Simply copy a youtube video's URL, i.e. address and copy it in a text editor like notepad. Now if your video address is of this form "", if this is the form of the video's address then you can paste it into your blog's post and end it with "endofvid" tag.
For example, "", this will place the video of the address to your blog.

Adding a Youtube Video to Bloggertube Blog

If however the video address is of this type:

Then first paste the address in the notepad and erase all the text uptill the first & sign and leave the text behind it as it is. That will be the real address of the video. In this case the real address of the video is So in any case remove the part from the & sign till the end and then post it in a post like

There should be no space between the address of the video and the "endofvid" tag.

Remember to remove the link of the video, i.e. your video's URL should be in text form,

Adding Text Description to Bloggertube Post

If you want to add text, you can use the [starttext] and [endtext] tag. Like for this video you can start writing below the endofvid tag like:
[starttext] This is a football video [endtext]

This would be the text appearing below the post.
In order to make your video viewable by people in a BloggerTube blog, you must first upload your video to Youtube and copy the URL from it.

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Updated: 05th March, 2018

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