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What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India?

According to a recent research, it was stated that more than 50% of youth do not have any idea about their career. Are you one of them? Are you searching for a good career option? If you do not have any idea then this article is completely meant for you.

What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India? 

Digital marketing is a field that is rising each and every day. More and more people are creating accounts on internet and thus results in increasing number on people on network. This helps people to advertise them on internet as most of the people spent their time on internet media. Here I’m going to explain some aspects about digital marketing that marks it as a good career option.

Welcome to Digital India

Do you search on Google whenever you need to know something? Do you search on web to know cooking recipes, fashion trends, latest movies & songs? Do you book online tickets for movies, order online food or pay online bills? If your answer is yes, then you have entered into the digital world.

Surely most of the people do so. But if you don’t do, then let me tell you that you are going enter in this digital world so soon. This is all what digital India is. People are using search engines to get information and social media’s to share information. So what if you use these digital platforms for your business? Yes you can do. Don’t know how? Keep reading to get your answers.

What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India?

Career scope

As I already told you that people are using internet for fulfilling their needs. And it is a good option to start business online. But do you think just having an online business website or business pages are enough? Of course not, if you don’t market your brand or business, it will get lost in millions of business around the web. So this leads to hire digital marketers.

And this need is increasing day per day. Everyday a new website, business page, social media pages or apps comes to existence, and they all need digital marketers in order to establish and increase their online business. With increasing internet usage, need of digital marketers is increasing and thus scope of this field rises.

Working Options

Digital Marketing is a vast field and you have a number of options to select. SEO, Social media marketing, Pay per click, affiliate marketing, content marketing are all parts of digital marketing. You can select one of them or even learn each part. You can learn digital marketing through online sources such as reading blogs, articles, watching videos, or join online courses. Also you can join for digital marketing course at some institute.

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High earnings

Not only the field is future secure, but it also increases your earnings. Digital marketing is a field where you can so many opportunities to increase you earning. If you're a digital marketing expert, then you will get a lot of earning jobs even at your home. You will not need to spend the whole day working in some boring office. Even you can work as a freelancer or can do partnership with companies. Work in your own way and get paid from online sources.

Your Dream Job is here…

Have you ever thought to work according to your own policies, or set up your business brand? Now this all can be made possible. But for that, you have you to become expert in digital marketing. Only then you can work on your own. Join an online academy for getting digital marketing coaching. Clear your vision in the field and work at your own place.

About Author: 

Deepika Arora | Digital Marketing Analyst | 21 | Female

Hey, I’m a digital marketing analyst in Dealsshutter and involved in advertising and creation. I become a writer by profession and get influenced by passion. I like to inspire and get inspired. Believe in doing Good, Better and Best. And never let it rest!

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8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content Marketing Tips for Beginners - Content marketing is a way to reach out to new customers and establish a reputable business image. The concept of content marketing is not too tricky to be grasped and it really has amazing outcomes. It is a give and take process.

8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

You offer your audience with a content that entertains them or offer new valuable information to them and along with that, they get to receive some information about your product. This knowledge suggests the potential customers to buy the product and expands the product’s market by converting new customers.

This article is going to pour in a few good suggestions about how you can make your content good and have a productive response.

1# Quality Makes It Valuable

Adding value to the content means providing your audience with quality content. People are spending their time on reading your provided content and you have to make sure that they do not feel afterwards that they wasted their time. There are many ways to produce valuable content. However, you need to have some basic understanding of what people like generally.

2# How to Have People’s Attention

There are two parts of generating successful content; take hold of the attention, and engaging it long enough to pass the message and make it stick to the mind of the audience. For gaining attention, you can have a catchy or trendy tagline or a topic that is a taboo. You can add an image that is peculiar in some sense or you can use an aesthetically appealing picture. All of this will grab the attention of people and getting is the easier part to be honest.

People’s Attention - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

3# Engaging the Audience

Here comes the difficult part! Engaging people is not an easy task and you need to come up with something significant in order to hold the attention. Let us share the secret. There are three basic types of content that engages an audience. Your content should be entertaining, informative, or it should evoke emotions. Researchers say that these are the three things that make people watch or read a content completely, share it with others, and remember it for long time.

Engaging the Audience

4# Work on Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect of content marketing and new businesses should spend their resources on SEO in order to grow faster. Having a Wikipedia page can be great help for Search Engine Optimization. There are best Wikipedia page writers for hire available online whom you can approach.

Search Engine Optimization - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

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5# Make It a tool to Connect

Content marketing can be done in two ways basically; you either post your content through a medium that belongs to a third party, or you choose to own your own content marketing platform. Both are effective and produce good results. However, it is recommended to have your own platform (websites, social media accounts, blogs, mobile app, and so on) as it is more suitable in the long run.

It allows you to connect to your audience directly which can provide you with great advantages. It also lets you have a direct feedback from the audience and helps you in market researches.

Connect - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

6# Accessibility Matters

The content that you produce must be accessible by a good range of people, especially by your targeted audience. Using visual and voice based content can help you interact with people who have any kind disabilities. Also, you can use the advanced technology to improve your accessibility like social media sites.

7# Select the Right Tools

It is very important to choose right tools for content marketing otherwise managing the whole thing can be really difficult. There are tools that can help you update your blogs and social media networks. Other than this, tools that help you send emails at once are really helpful in enabling you to meet deadlines and save time.

Tools - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

8# Target Your Customer

Different social media sites can help you reach out to your targeted audience and you can do a research to know which of the platforms is better for targeting your potential customers. For instance, using Facebook can make you reach to a common people, generally belonging to an age limit of 15 to 50. Contrary to this, LinkedIn and Twitter is more likely to connect you with professionals and business persons.

Customer - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

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These are the 8 content marketing tips for beginners, understand all of these to get a better know-how of content marketing. Don't forget to follow the blog AKBlogs on facebook and Twitter.

How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the advance trend we are observing these days, which allows business to flourish and to capture market and customer’s attention effortlessly. However, privacy matters. An institute, General data protection and regulation, is making efforts to enforce new constraints on data collection for marketing. Marketers have to make new additions which depend less upon client’s statistics.

Data Confidentiality - How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

What is Data Confidentiality

Generally confidentiality refers to protecting information from being accessed by unauthorized parties or personnel who may use the client's information for malicious reasons. In other words, only the people who are authorized to do so can gain access to client's sensitive data and information.

How social media plays role in data collection?

Many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat help to collect behavioral data for digital marketing purposes. When a user likes or follows pages of their interest, this allow these platforms to perform data mining and collect user specific data. This data is collected when one consumer likes something or performs a specific task.

This data is passed to the digital marketers when they access these social media platforms for advertising purposes, it helps them to get statics and to generate advertisements matching user’s information. This affects the data confidentiality of users because there private information is being shared as a stat to digital marketers and many social media platforms don't reveal this to their users. Although no specific information as per user is given.

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Human-centered marketing and GDPR data privacy for digital marketing

We are continuing in the twilight of data’s uncivilized west origin. This the age of algorithms where algorithm inferences every single step of our digital life. When these social media platforms sell our data to digital marketers, the predefined algorithms take our data privacy at stake.

However, GDPR (General protection data regulation) is starting to take steps which will save our data by limiting companies to construct algorithms which must not utilize user information like this which may affect user privacy or limiting statistical surveys.

GDPR was implemented in May 2018.

GDPR - How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

Solution to the threatening situation of data privacy

What is the solution to the threatening situation of data privacy? Following measures can be taken into action to reduce this issue of data privacy:

Prioritizing Privacy then Marketing

It is a big advice to marketers, instead of making marketing first priority, make privacy of data your priority first. Place yourself in the consumer's shoes for once and then use their data for the business purposes. Moreover, take only that information which can be helpful in your business success, discard all irrelevant and personal information of the user, the utilization of which by a third party can be harmful to the consumers.

Brand success with Hard Work

Hard work always pays off. Balance your brand with your performance instead of relying on statistics. Take your performance feedback or ask the consumer what would they like to be served with? Make some marketing conversation with consumers. Ask them to help you with better production and performance.

Eliminate Third Parties

Stop buying data from social media platforms, instead connect with consumers by yourself. Make some survey forms or websites where the user is able to give feedback on any businesses and inform about the choices of his or her purchases. It will also reduce the cost of advertising and purchasing consumer information.

Making business Data Repositories Secure

CRM (Customer relationship management) softwares like Groobix are often under attacks of hackers, which they attack to acquire information about customers and consumers. Those systems must be well secured and protected so that minimum data loss occurs and data confidentiality remains intact.

Conclusion of Data Confidentiality in Digital Marketing

Data privacy in digital marketing must be the key preference. Make useful surveys to collect information about the customer’s likeness and dislikes. Statistics for digital marketing must avoid giving out personal information of users.

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Online SEO Services | Buy SEO Services Online

It is preferred that people learn and then do their blog's SEO themselves. But due to so much different aspects of promoting a blog, one has to look for freelancers and outsource some parts for running a blog smoothly.

Also after our experience on the internet, we found out that people are not learning as much as they should although there are tons of articles and videos going around the internet. So we decided to start freelancing websites for online SEO services and dedicate our time in doing SEO for blogs and websites alike.

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Online SEO Services | Buy SEO Services Online

Online SEO Services | Buy SEO Services Online

If you want a quote for a custom website which is not hosted on blogger or uses Wordpress as a cms, write us an email at We will contact you with a nice quote that will improve your website's SEO. Don't forget to send the link as well to get the quote as soon as possible.

Apart from that we offer our SEO services through our fiverr gigs for blog posts and videos. WE mostly do video SEO services for youtube videos only. We also do white hat blog and website SEO. Our team will help you build your brand and gain the most out of your content using the best and most accurate SEO techniques.

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We have three main platforms on which we use our SEO expertise the most:
  • Blogger Blog Posts
  • Wordpress Blog Posts
  • Youtube Videos

Blogger SEO services

Blogger SEO service includes on page SEO optimization of blog posts. On page optimization includes the SEO of the following components of a blog post:
  1. Titles
  2. Keywords in content
  3. Meta Descriptions
  4. H1, H2 and all other heading tags
  5. Creation of Robots.txt
  6. URL
  7. Image Alt tags
  8. Content Optimization for keyword's sufficiency
  9. Broken links Checking
  10. Data analysis
  11. Optimize Permalink

Here is a video detail of blogger SEO services that we will be providing:

Here is the link of our fiverr gig where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per post.

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Youtube SEO services

We've actually written a whole article around youtube SEO which involves the SEO of all important meta data types of youtube videos. But if you still need help with SEO you can contact us on this fiverr gig, We will give you the details for everything related to meta tags including:
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags

And any additional information you might need regarding your video's SEO or at any other platform. Keyword research is also done using professional tools to make sure you get as much traffic from your video as possible from the Youtube search engine.

Here is the link of our fiverr gig where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per video.

Youtube SEO services

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Wordpress SEO services

We also do wordpress SEO as it is quite similar to blogger SEO. Wordpress SEO plugins make it easier for developers to SEO optimize their content, with these plugins there is little need for an expert to optimize afterwards.

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Still if you need Wordpress SEO services here is the link of our fiverr gig  where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per post.

Wordpress SEO services

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Apart from these services if you need any help you can contact us through email, our official email address is
We will help you in getting the best online SEO services. Don't forget to follow the blog AKBlogs on facebook and Twitter.

Comprehensive Guide on SEO Essentials You Should Know

To become a pro at search engine optimization today you need to have a clear idea on what SEO is and how it operates. SEO can be defined as the process by which you increase the visibility of your website on the internet and other social media sites. Using densely packed keywords ad graphic styles you could easily increase the website traffic.

SEO services in Gurgaon help you with such optimization so that your website ranks first when any particular topic based search is done. SEO services in Gurgaon provide benefits for all kinds of businesses with SEO services packages which are affordable and with various campaign strategies.

Comprehensive Guide on SEO- Essentials You Should Know

SEO is a field which is very dynamic and fast paced and if you continue to follow the age-old tactics then you would never succeed. That is why it is crucial that you gain all the essential knowledge and update them from time to time. Learn continuously should be the main key to become successful at it. Building a few links, improving the content and increasing visibility is not the only goal of SEO services.  SEO is all about generating great website traffic and other leads and revenue.

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Comprehensive Guide on SEO Essentials You Should Know

Here are some of the essential pointers on SEO services for now and the future.

You Should Create Dedicated Pages

When you optimize pages you insert keywords inside them. Again for every website, the keyword should have a dedicated page optimized for it. Expectations without any hard work only bring frustration and disappointment. Therefore if you are thinking of generating great traffic without great dedicated pages then it would be futile. Search engines rank individual pages.

Create a great dedicated page that provides all the relevant information on the topic the reader is searching for. Make it the most useful page on the internet, your website traffic would increase remarkably.

Header Tags Are a Must

Header tags are used to separate the content of your page. Usually <h1> is used. This header tag is used for the page titles and where your keywords have been used. For subheading you should use <h2> and <h3>. They make it look more neat and pristine with appealing presentation.

You Should Create Effective Title Pages

The title tag is what the customer sees when they are searching for a particular topic. Therefore make sure the keywords are placed at the beginning of the title, brand names are mentioned and do not forget to keep your title short and clean. This title would get displayed in the browser’s tab, bookmarked. Customize all your titles for all of your website pages.

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Meta Description

Meta description of your page helps the search engine to acquire all kinds of information regarding your website content. Though Meta tags are of not that important nowadays still Meta descriptions are used. They are important to encourage customers and viewers to click on your website link. This Meta description is usually seen just below the title of your website page. Therefore statistic says that if the customers do not get attracted to your article after 20 seconds of reading it. Then they would most probably leave your site in search of better information.

Therefore keep your Meta description within 150 to 160 characters and interesting with the use of keywords.

Meta Description - Comprehensive Guide on SEO- Essentials You Should Know

Usage of ALT Attributes

Search engines do not understand images the way humans do. You may go shopping and see the image of some object and get attracted towards it but search engines do not perceive images in that way. They use or rely on ALT attributes that describe the images. Use descriptive thorough and accurate keywords to make website searchable in image search. Therefore you should always use ALT attributes for important images on your website.

Human-Friendly URLs

URLs show up not only on search result pages but in several other places as well. They show up in between the title and the Meta description, as a reference site, when you are advertising or promoting your page on someone else’s website. It helps the viewer understand the content of your page without really visiting it. Short URLs’ are convenient and can be easily shared with the help of text messages and e-mail. Thus making your website mobile friendly as well.

When search engines are unable to index your website, they are unable to show it on the search engine results. Your website technician or SEO service person would be able to help you with that. Make sure that your developer creates a website having optimization from a technical standpoint.

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Digital Marketing for Startups - Benefits Beyond Sales

It is heartening to note that Startups are growing rapidly in India, which has fueled India's economic growth also. So today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Startups and the Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Marketing for Startups

Today there are many successful startups in India that are making a better change in people's lives from their products and services and making their life easier than before.

When anyone starts their job with a new concept, it is called a startup. Even, if you open the tea selling shop with a new concept, then it also will be called a startup. There are many successful businesses that have started as a startup and today they have reached new heights of success such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm etc.

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Benefits Beyond Sales

When we hear the name of Startup in India, our mind also thinks about Make My Trip, Paytm, Ola Cabs etc. Are they all startups?

Yes, absolutely! These are all examples of Startup because they started with a product or service which was not already in the market i.e. they started with a new concept. And now, all these are included in the list of Top Startup Businesses of India.

It is not necessary that only the startup based on technology is growing. However, the proportion of their growth is higher than the other startups. So to discuss it further we had an interview with the expert digital marketer and trainer Mr. Parmveer Singh of Quibus Trainings, which is a renowned name in the training for digital marketing for startups and entrepreneurs.

What is the Growth of Startup in India?

According to Nasscom's 2015 report, India has reached on 3rd Number in the world after the US and UK in the startup criteria as the number of New Startup Business has taken a tremendous growth in India.

If we see the data, In the year 2010, 480 startups were started. After this, it grew rapidly to 525 in 2011, while in 2012, 590 startups began. In 2013, 680 and 805 startups started in 2014.
From 2015 to 2017, these figures were able to cross four thousand startups, and this year, there is the highest number of startups.

According to a report, there are more than 8000 startups in India, and there is the immense potential of setting up more than 10 thousand startups in the country, five years from Startup India, which is implemented by the government by 2020.

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Top Startups Of India

There are some Top India's Startups, which are making our life simpler and better with their product and their Unique Business Ideas such as -
  • Flipkart -Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal
  • Paytm -Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  • Snapdeal -Kunal Behl & Rohit Bansal
  • Ola Cabs -Bhavish Agarwal
  • OYO Rooms -Ritesh Agarwal

Challenges of Startups

The risk is another name for Business! There is no business that does not have a risk, and if so, then it is not business. But the question is whether there is more risk in a startup?

So the answer is yes! A startup has a higher risk than traditional business.

About 90% of startups in India are failed badly in a few days.

Here are some factors for Startups which are the cause of failure of many startups. Let's know about them in brief:

#1 Startups Don't Meet to Market Needs

There may be many reasons for this, but the main reason is that those who are new Startup sometimes cannot meet their Product's and Services market needs. It is one of the biggest challenges of any Startups.

And when a new Startup cannot meet the needs of the market and people, then it fails. Stayzilla, Taskbob, Fabfurnish, Hotels are just a few examples of failed Startups.

#2 Lack of Money

The second reason for startup failure is a lack of money. It is also topmost challenges of any new venture. Startups usually don't have their own money and also, as there is more risk in the startups so no big investor would like to invest there, where it is more harm than profit.

Due to the high risk, many investors do not invest in these small and new startups, so most of the Startups struggle with deficiency of money and it eventually becomes a major reason for the closure or failure of that Startup.

#3 Effective Online/ Social Media Presence

Nowadays one of the most important task for any organization is to keep their audience engage with their latest and attractive offers, or for other interesting and relevant content for the user. As Social Media or online platforms are one of the most cost-effective tools to get in touch with your consumers and even consumers believe in you because of that, it is most important to create your presence there.

If your startup is not online, you are avoiding a great potential traffic and trust of your customer. No one will notice your business as a traditional marketing strategy won't work for you every time.

#4 Innovation and Creativity

Your Business needs creativity and innovation all the time. You must ensure that people are not getting bored with your business and they are taking interest whatever you are talking. That is why innovation is always important for your business.

According to a study written in Forbes
 90% Indian Startups, Fail Because Of Lack Of Innovation
Most of the startup start well but fail to match their pace with people’s mind and they just fail in their initiation only because of Innovation and creativity in their Business.

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How and Why Digital Marketing for Startups is Important?

Now, after knowing all about the Startups, You must be thinking how Digital Marketing can be a solution of all these challenges and failures of Startups and how it can be helpful in doing that. So, here we have explained it. However, if you are not aware of Digital Marketing at all, let me tell you about it in brief:

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is a type of Marketing in which all the Digital media are used for Marketing a product or service.

Or we can say,

Digital marketing is the art that helps you get your customer through online and digital mediums.

There is a lot of functions inside Digital Marketing which is implemented to grow your business online, such as social media, search engine, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and this list continues.

Digital Marketing for Startup Growth

Now here's how it can help a startup to grow-

#1 It Targets Your Ideal Customers

After the increased Internet invasion, India had more than 331.77 million internet users in 2017. Now, this number is estimated to grow up to 511.89 million internet users in 2022.

As we know, it is much easier and feasible to target the ideal customers online using Digital Media than the traditional media which cost a lot more than this Digital Media does.

No one can deny the fact, why it's the best approach to have digital marketing for Startups.

It Targets Your Ideal Customers - Digital Marketing for Startups

#2 Most Impactful Advertisement through Video Marketing

We all are easily convinced by video ads as videos are the most satisfactory and impactful content marketing mechanism than any other media. Earlier it was really hard to get your ads on TV or radio and had to spend a very high amount to do that which is not at all required nowadays. Video Marketing has turned out to be the most impactful vertical of digital marketing for startups. There are lots of facts which give proofs for it
  • According to a new study from Cisco, by 2019 Video will represent over 80% of all Internet traffic. 
  • According to YouTube, through mobile videos, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. Even the consumption rises 100% every year.
  • 36% of online consumers trust video ads
  • It has been estimated that Video Marketing will account for more than 80% all Internet traffic by 2018.

Most Impactful Advertisement through Video Marketing - Digital Marketing for Startups

#3 Easy Measurement and Analysis

It is very important to measure your outcome and predetermined goals as you can leverage your Startup to its maximum height if you know and how and what is there in your strategy which didn't work out.

Digital Marketing gives you this opportunity through web analytics and other online metric's tools that help you measure each and every detail about your startup strategy or campaigns.

Easy Measurement and Analysis - Digital Marketing for Startups

#4 It lets you Leverage your Startups through Pull Marketing

Users are now not bonded to watch any entertainment source with the advertisement. Today user has so many platforms of entertainment which are advertisement free, you cannot push your messages and ads to the user any longer.

If your business or startup is small, you cannot apply Push marketing there as it is not applicable here and it also weakens a brand sometimes. While Pull marketing uses digital marketing methods that attract the target customers i.e. the consumers who are ideal for your business and that is why digital marketing for startup becomes so much importance.

It lets you Leverage your Startups through Pull Marketing - Digital Marketing for Startups

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Startups Other than Sales

#1 Healthy Customer Relationship

Digital Marketing helps your Business or Startup creating a healthy relationship with your target customers. As a majority of people spend their time on Social Media channels, companies target these platforms for their business' or startup's enrichment. These platforms are not only used for building Customer Relationship but they are also helpful in driving traffic to your business or startup.

#2 Branding

Digital Marketing is one of the most intelligent and cost-effective ways to reach your target customer and make your presence online as a Brand. It is a necessity for a company to establish itself as a brand seeing the competitive market of today. Digital Marketing gives you this opportunity as well. It takes a few minutes for a post or video getting viral. It is quite comfortable to create Brand Awareness through Digital Marketing than other methods.

#3 Expanding Beyond Boundaries

You can expand your business or Startup beyond your circle. As Digital Marketing provides you this opportunity to expand your business beyond your physical location. From North to south, from East to West, whenever you want your business to reach out, it can reach with the help of Digital Marketing.

Hope this Article helped you understand the need for Digital Marketing for Startups. If you have got any query regarding this topic, you can write to us in the comment section below. We would love to answer your question!

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How to incorporate paid social media into your marketing

Social media have started to function as an important tool in digital marketing campaigns in recent years. The new focus is though in paid social media marketing that has emerged strongly and complementing well with the organic social media campaigns. Thus, in the present competitive market scenario, Business-to-Business or B2B marketers have to function as a marketer with a revolutionary vision having in depth knowledge and experience in both paid and organic social media campaigns.

How to incorporate paid social media into your marketing

How to incorporate paid social media into your marketing

Even a few years back, it was not so impossible to create considerable social engagement and movement through organic route, especially on Facebook. However, this seems quite impossible to achieve in today’s scenario and no brand rely heavily only on organic social media anymore. In reality, the brand marketers are observing a sharp drop on their organic reach that often went down almost to 1% of their total fan base. This is mainly because of the new “pay-to-play” approach from Facebook that have its own secret PageRank algorithm to promote paid campaigns over organic engagement. Therefore, advertising through paid social media has emerged as an essential need for B2B social media marketing to address the issue of decreased organic visibility.

The benefits of paid social media in the context of current market trends. The benefits of paid social media act similar to targeting the pay-per-click ads having low cost that work by marketers paying for each interaction in social media; instead of impressions of online advertisements in traditional pay-per-click ads.

As per the 2015 marketing report of Salesforce, a considerable fraction of the majority of the marketers (about 70%) is preparing to increase their spending on advertisements on social media. As a result, the current B2B marketers need to operate in a sort of revolutionary way, having the capability of evolving unique ideas as well as possessing enough knowledge and experience of both paid and organic social media.

Let us have a look at some key points to remember regarding paid social media:

Recognizing the value of paid social media

Although, the recent trend is that the B2B marketing companies have started using paid social media advertising in their existing strategies of digital marketing, paid social media still remains a marketing approach that is often underfunded and underestimated. So, never overlook the tremendous potential of the paid social media campaigns compared to the organic engagement in the context of recent changes in Facebook Algorithm. With a relatively small investment you can usually rip off some exciting benefits.

Try to persuade your target audiences

You will find that every prominent social media networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn or Reddit run their own paid advertising services. Paid social media campaigns had been recently added by Instagram and Pinterest as well.

A post without paid support is completely dependent on luck and there is no assurance of reaching to your fans. Paid social media makes it possible for your post to reach a varied audience based on desired location, behavior and interest. Moreover, it increases the reach to specific audience having interest towards the type of content you are promoting.

Always invest only in the potent content Getting your contents reach the right audience is no doubt a great achievement and that ensure that you won half of the battle. But, mind you it is only half the battle. The rest again depends on the content quality. Content quality plays a significant part in digital marketing, thus you must have a good share of investment in creating engaging content that will do well in both paid and organic distribution through social media.

Quality contents with the right marketing strategy can only do your job satisfactorily. So, look out for talented coders or designers who can produce the right blog posts and landing pages. Club them with creative writers who will be able to fill in the space with convincing stories and marketing languages that the audience will like, share and respond. Focusing on easily shareable content formats such as infographics, video or vine is a good idea. Have a well planned budget for your social media campaigns and content development.

In conclusion, it is now clear that you cannot depend solely on organic engagement anymore and have to mix it with paid social media. Then invest in influential, engaging and rich contents delivered on a well designed website. Your brand will definitely get engaged with your target audience.


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Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc Episode 1 Released

Update October 2018

Retro Ryno has just released the dubbed version of the first episode of Thousand Year Blood War Arc. Here it is:

Original Article

Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc also referred to as the Quincy arc has made its way to the screens of its fans. The anime's final arc was the Fullbringer arc and the next arc was said to be animated by fans. However, the youtube channel Retro Ryno has yet to release its first episode but the Portuguese version of the first episode has already released.

Spoiler Warning for those who have not read the Thousand Year Blood War Arc and are all caught up with the Anime.

Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc Episode 1 Released

The episode is an alternative ending of the arc and shows the final battle between Ichigo and Yhwach. Also a brief summary about Ichigo's Zanpaktou, Zangetsu, is also told alongwith the brief summary of the whole arc is told by Ichigo himself.

Ichigo is seen to be present at the Soul King's palace and has got a great new power. His true Zanpaktou has been revealed and he has now became much more powerful than before.

Now with his new strength, he must face off against the biggest threat the soul society has to face, Yhwach. Said to be the father of all quincies. Yhwach is the most powerful quincy who brings along an army of quincies called Wandenreich. Each one of them is denoted by an english alphabet with A denoting the strongest and Z denoting the weakest.

Here is the list of all the Quincies:

List of all the Quincies - Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Most of the quincies were killed by their own comrades. As a result of which the quincies lost the Thousand Year Blood War. If Tite Kubo had managed the characters well, he could have made it the best arc of Bleach anime, even better than the Soul Society arc.

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Five People Who are Important to Wikipedia For Contributions

Wikipedia which is one of the most accessed websites in the world has a number of things that are needed to be considered while making a page on it. Initially Wikipedia was created to gather and share information through articles and blogs and the articles were only to be published or written by people who were working for the organization but then due to the slow pace of work Wikipedia allowed people to edit and create pages on the website but the guidelines and requirements people were unable to do so and that is when the needs for Wikipedia professional services were required.

Five People Who are Important to Wikipedia For Contributions

Five People Who are Important to Wikipedia For Contributions

Wikipedia professional services made the considerations on giving people services to create a Wikipedia page through a process and here we have stated five people who become important to Wikipedia page creators.

1. Researchers

They were the people who collected all the data about the project or client. These people had great research skills and were professional in this field. They were considered to be base of creating a Wikipedia page as they had to collect and gather content that was fit according to the guidelines of Wikipedia. These researchers must have the knowledge of Wikipedia guidelines like the content must be non-controversial and should be based on facts and information not on thoughts and opinions.

2. Wikipedia writers

They are the people who develop or write the content that could be posted on Wikipedia pages. They are good with writing and contemplate on the content that has been gathered by researchers. They are also important in making the Wikipedia page to be created as the form of content posted on Wikipedia is written content and their writing could make the page to be affected with getting it approved or disapproved. They are required to write formally and in a non-promotional tone which is a specific guideline given by Wikipedia for the written content.

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3. Wikipedia page creator

People hire Wikipedia page creator to get their page to be made live. These page creators do have the skills to analyze things related to Wikipedia and the details of clients with respect to how their Wikipedia page could be published according to the guidelines and requirements of Wikipedia. Page creators have a very important role in making the page to be published.

4. Wikipedia expert and monitors

These people are expert at Wikipedia things. They have experience of the field and know the tactics to deal with the challenges that are faced during Wikipedia page creation. They monitor the page with respect to people making edits to it and also the pages that are being edited could be deleted from Wikipedia. Thus, they prevent deletion of the page as well as make the considerations on bringing the quality content to the page.

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5. SEO experts

Most of the page creators in the current times have the objectives of using the Wikipedia page for purposes of marketing and thus SEO experts have a big role to play in Wikipedia page creation. They connect the page with some links and other pages to make the traffic to be generated on their home pages. This way the Wikipedia pages are used in marketing and SEO professionals are hired for the Wikipedia team.

These are the 5 important entities that are working in Wikipedia teams. Each of them has a different role yet they are connected to each other in a way that affects the performance of Wikipedia page that is being created. Professional services consider all of these roles or jobs to be contemplated in order to get effective results in their Wikipedia page creation assignments.

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A Brief Guide on Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin - Wordpress Plugins

Whether you are designing a brand new website or a blog or a mobile app, it is important to greet your visitors in a proper manner. In today's world, a really simple preview is enough to communicate what your service is all about. Your potential customers may think that you are out of business seeing a broken website, whereas you are redesigning your web pages.

A Brief Guide on Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin

Coming soon page is often underrated but in fact, it is the first thing you have to do on a brand new WordPress site or for any website for that matter. Coming soon page is no more just a simple page which informs that your website is coming soon. It is a medium from which you can collect the emails of potential customers and also build the hype for your about to launch products. Moreover, an under construction website without a coming soon page looks like a mess and it directly hurts your brand's reputation.

Thankfully, it's super easy to put on a great looking coming soon page on WordPress using the plugins. There are over a dozen plugins for creating a coming soon page. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin by Web Factory is a special coming soon plugin as it comes with lots of other handy features.

In this article, we'll explore the features of Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin and also see how easy it is to create stunning coming soon and maintenance mode pages using it. Let's dive in without any delay!

Features: Ease of Use

Coming Soon plugin is simple and intuitive to use. It has all the features that you and it has no complications involved. The process is straightforward and it just takes a few minutes to set up a grand coming soon page on your website.

It has more than 650,000 themes for free. It's easy to find a stunning theme which blows your visitors away. All these themes are professional, responsive and easily customizable themes that are suitable for various kinds of businesses both online and offline.

A Brief Guide on Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin

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Email Box

You can start collecting the emails of potential customers even before your website is ready. The coming soon page also acts like a landing page and the plugin supports CRM, webinar, autoresponder and other marketing software that will help you to grab the customers. Moreover, you can also integrate Zapier using this plugin.

Email Box - A Brief Guide on Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin


You need not to wait for the whole website till you complete building the website to get the traffic. It's great to get traffic from day one. Coming Soon plugin uses new-age SEO techniques, built-in tests, guidelines and checks that'll provide you will all the opportunity to position your website on the top place in search results.

Drag and Drop

There are over 10 modules in the drag and drop builder. They can be used to customize the page according to your requirements. It is super simple to use the 10 modules. You can create animation, transparent backgrounds and many other things using Drag and Drop Builder.

You can also choose an animated video background or an image background from the vast library of over 400,00 images.


Probably there is no other plugin in the WordPress repository which gives the provision to customize the coming soon as this plugin. You can design the layout, background, logo, header, content, video, progress bar, map, subscription form, social icons, countdown timer, etc.

Instructions for Creating a Coming Soon Page

Step 1: Login your WordPress account and on WordPress Dashboard to the Plugins menu.

Step 2: Under the Plugins menu, click on the Add New button.

Step 3: Search for Minimal Coming Soon in the search box. You'll see the plugin in the search results.

Step 4: Click on the Install button and click on the Activate button once the installation is completed.

Step 5: Go to Plugin Settings and click on the Maintenance mode. Choose the theme which best suits your blog. Free users can access only a few themes.

Step 6: Click on the Design tab. Here you can change the background image of the page. You can also upload your favicon and logo. There are tons of other options which you can use to make your maintenance mode or coming soon page look more attractive.

Step 7: As mentioned earlier, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is not just a typical coming soon plugin. You can integrate email box on the coming soon page. However, only pro users can add email function using the plugin. If you have purchased the pro version, go to the email box settings and follow the instructions there to integrate it with the MailChimp plugin.

Step 8: Once you complete all the settings, enable the Maintenance mode on your blog. Save changes.

Head on to your website and you'll see a stunning coming soon page! As you have seen, it is extremely easy to put on a beautiful coming soon page on your blog. It takes only a few minutes and the best part is you can also integrate it with the email subscription box.

Wrapping up...

Overall, Coming Soon and Maintenance mode plugin is a package of brilliant features which are useful for the WordPress users. The free version is cool, but the Pro version is awesome. It has received the positive reviews on curated WordPress repositaries like Tidy Repo. It is also a great tool in the web developer's arsenal, as they can quickly put on a Maintenance Mode page while they are developing the website.

It works without any issues on all the popular WordPress themes. The plugin has a dedicated support team who would love to help you. Their support forum is active and you get answers to your questions in a short time.

We hope our guide has helped you on how to use Coming Soon and Maintenance mode plugin. Keep visiting this space as we'll introduce you to some more interesting plugins in our upcoming writeups.

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How to select a web hosting provider for your website?

Looking to host your website? But not aware how to get the best web hosting provider according to your needs? Then no need to worry, check my article below and learn the tips on how you can select the best web hosting provider to host your website, because, it is important to know about the selection criteria.

How to select a Web hosting provider for your website?

This will decide the future of your business. Whereas, if you research and select the right web hosting provider, it is 100% sure that your website will be live all the time.

How to select a web hosting provider for your website

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#1) Study your Website Requirement

It is your responsibility to know what exact your site needs in terms of hosting environment, whether it is basic or advanced. If you are new then shared hosting is the best option to start your business website in budget friendly cost. Whereas, if you are an existing customer then getting advanced hosting solutions like VPS, Dedicated and Cloud would be the best option.

You can also ask your provider to guide you in selecting the plan accordingly. Because getting a wrong hosting provider will lead to loss of business in terms of traffic and sales as well. Therefore, it is suggested to study your website first.

#2) Select right hosting plan

As I elaborated before, you can start with shared hosting and afterwards you can switch to any plan as per the scenario. In hosting, you will get two types of hosting platforms, one is Linux and second is Windows hosting. It’s your choice which platform you are willing to buy. Below mentioned is the list of hosting solutions that you can study before getting the hosting.

#3) Check the features

Features are the next important things that you need to monitor, while buying a hosting service. Everyone commits to provide the best service but very few stand with their commitment. Although, you buy a hosting service at a cheap rate but features are the elements that actually complete your hosting. Check below highlighted features that your provider should have:
  • Bandwidth
  • Numbers of free domain
  • SSD Disk space
  • SpamExperts
  • Email accounts
  • SSL certificate
  • Sitebuilder
  • Free website migration
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Support in local language
  • Instant chats response
  • Datacenter choice
  • Security features
  • Website backup
  • Sitelock
  • Dedicated IP

Add-ons features

Nowadays, hosting providers are selling add-ons features apart from hosting to attract their users and those features are Google Analytics and Webmaster Integration, SpamExperts and Backup plan.

#4) Monitor reviews of providers

Today, you will get many review platforms online that provide reviews of the web hosting providers. You can search in Google with these keywords like “web hosting provider reviews, hosting reviews, type your provider name and add the word "review" at the end. By doing this, you will get many options, where you can check and compare the hosting providers easily. You can also monitor pre sale service of your hosting provider during your trial period.

#5) Price

Price is the key factor for which every buyer is concerned about and often gets stuck between the providers and ends with wrong selection of the provider. This is tended to happen because of growing competition. There are some genuine providers that aim to provide satisfied service to their customer. You can trust on such providers that give you quality service at lesser price for longer duration.

#6) Backup plan

Backup is the main element that helps you to take your website at safer side as an emergency recovery plan. How frequently your provider takes back-up of the data? You should ask this question to your provider before signing up. If you get a positive reply then it is suggested to move ahead otherwise you can check other providers.

#7) Security

After backup, next thing you should consider is security. Generally, you should look for security factors with your provider. Almost, every provider offers security features like SpamExperts, SSL certificate, Web Application Firewall, Acronis Cloud Backup and CodeGuard. You can sign up instantly, if you are getting these features as you can be sure that your website is in the safe hands.

#8) Uptime

If your provider is offering maximum uptime then you can assume that you are getting reliable hosting provider to host your website. Although, uptime varies from provider to provider, you can study the uptime of the web hosting providers and choose the best for your website.

#9) Server locations

The server is the backbone of the hosting company because it is a turning point of your website. As a buyer, it is your duty to monitor the server locations that are offered by the provider. You also need to make sure which server location you are targeting.

#10) Select the right operating system

You will get two choices in operating system one is Linux and second is Windows operating system. Newbies often get confused between the operating system and so it is suggested to ask the provider to guide you on this. Moreover, you will get multiple options for operating system but Linux is the most popular operating system in the market.

#11) Control panel

Control panel is the area from where website owner can manage everything. It helps owner to monitor activities of the website such as adding and removing, installing and uninstalling softwares, etc. Every hosting provider offers cPanel with their plans.

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After going through the article, you must have become aware of tips that you should check with your provider before buying hosting. Want to include more tips then comment below and share your experience with us.

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown | All Doll'd Up

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 aired on November 13, 2018. The episode is titled "All Doll'd Up" with the next episode 6 coming on  November 20, 2018 titled "The Icicle Cometh".

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown | All Doll'd Up

On tonight's all new episode of The Flash, "All Doll'd Up" Nora lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris. In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll (guest star Troy James). Meanwhile, Caitlin learns something about her father. Here's a special video of the guest star Troy James.

Iris was so insanely badass in this episode. After seeing how Iris dove after Barry it is easy to say why she becomes cold in the future. Just like Savitar, future Iris would be rocked to her core without the love of her life.

But there is confusion about the promo for next weeks episode and the fans are not prepared for anything that is going to hurt Caitlyn or Barry or Cisco or any of them. Also in next week's episode, we finally see a Catlin centric episode, it should be interesting. Putting little bit of John Carpenters The Thing story into the mix will be nice.

The guy playing Rag Doll Troy James is just so talented. He really was scary. For those hoping he comes back for more episodes. Here's a special cut scene.

The Ralph thing where he was basically swinging like Spider-Man was awesome and sad at the same time considering yesterday’s news.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown  All Doll'd Up

Initially I was very upset how XS was treating her mother. But, now I am happy they are having a connecting now, and bonding mother-daughter.

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That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 5 Breakdown.

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Snapchat growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched

Snapchat was better of the bunch in 2016, when it came for an instant video share to express your moods and emotions. However, the ‘Ghost booed’ mobile app was struck with jolts in the back with Instagram’s latest add-on to its photo-sharing platform. The biggest competitor Instagram showed Snapchat who’s the boss with minimalist to the maximizing effect features. Meanwhile, a massive drop was observed for Snapchat users according to the new IOP filing stats.

Snapchat growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched

Snapchat growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched

However, according to social media growth analysts, it wasn’t sure that if Instagram stories was one of the main reasons for Snapchat’s active-user bankruptcy. Nevertheless, one thing was for certain, Snapchat’s downfall was showing cues of correlation with Instagram’s step-forward success of its in-built stories patch update to its platform.

Yearly quarters’ showed clear evidences how Snapchat was once a one of a kind standalone social media app for mobiles.

Yearly quarters’ showed clear evidences how Snapchat was once a one of a kind standalone social media app for mobiles. In Q1 2016, Snapchat had almost 122 million daily active users and boomed with a generous 14 percent. The second quarter was a great success session for Snap Inc.

The Throne Keeper

Snapchat was the throne keeper of those minuscule social clips only watchable for a 24 hour period. All credit goes to the massive amass interest in full-screen visual interaction and a lack of competitors online due to its unique usability.

Shockingly, right at the very end of the Q3 phase, Snapchat showed a decline in its popularity, stating it was due to those technical errors with new products roll-out that reserved its growth ratio to ramp up more. As it began, Snapchat wasn’t a player anymore of its very own established league, as Instagram ambushed most of its counterparts with some amazing supplements triggered right into the biggest photo-sharing app. Similarly, trench coats fashionable personify panache was won big time by the all-new Mens Leather Jacket, and it was convincingly merch-magical indeed.

Snapchat was booming with its yellow and white ghost glory and hailed more than 150 million users. Right at the Q2 quarter, Snapchat had a growth rate of a well-credited 17.2 percent and was thriving at its best quarter close phase.

Signs of Obliterating Annihilation

All of a sudden, it didn’t did well to comply well with users’ growth approval, slowing down to just close at about 153 million users at its Q3, an alarmingly inhibited growth rate of just around 7 percent. The last and final quarter Q4 showed signs of obliterating annihilation performed by Instagram Stories on Snapchat, which endorsed only 3.2 percent during this time interval.

On the other hand, Instagram’s clone version of Snapchat was introduced to its already 300 million active daily users and 500 monthly active users.

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Instagram’s clone version

On the other hand, Instagram’s clone version of Snapchat was introduced to its already 300 million active daily users and 500 monthly active users. In about only two months, this feature became familiarized with 100 million daily active users of its own on the biggest photo-sharing phenomenon. August 2nd was the biggest game-changer for Instagram, snatching Snap Inc.’s reputation of having the most inimitable 24 hour long availability video-clip sharing feature.

Instagram’s Story feature

Snapchat was ultimately overthrown and consummated by Instagram’s Story feature, and even showed signs of decline against the Social networking parent website Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s website grew 4.2 percent users in Q4 and reached an approximate 1.23 billion users, while Snapchat witnessed its biggest sank amid its failure.

In order to behold users with something innovative enough to beat other social media trends, Snapchat failed miserably and never should signs to benefit users with something more intuitive as it once used to be.

Snapchat felt on to its knees at the hands of Instagram with its storytelling feature, which was later on integrated with multifaceted editing features.

Snapchat has revived

Snapchat felt on to its knees at the hands of Instagram with its storytelling feature, which was later on integrated with multifaceted editing features. Today, Snapchat has become obsolete when it comes to any massive scale up gradation to give users’ a beyond-belief factor that Snapchat has revived its glamorized ghostly appearance.

Now, if you see those animated cartoon cat faces with ears and whiskers, it’s more like some other app than Snapchat. All these augmented reality elements have grown copiously on many other social media platforms.

Dejectedly, it stands about just only to 25-30 million users and this populace is going further down the smart phone social apps gut. Snapchat’s growth rate has slowed on to a wretched users’ scale of up to 82%, and it feels that there is no way back to it.

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