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Game of Thrones Season 8 coming in April 2019

Breaking News: Game of Thrones Season 8 coming in April 2019. The news has been confirmed by HBO along with the release of a teaser video which had scenes from the previous seven seasons. Season 1 to 6 also aired in April but season 7 aired in July 2017.

Game of Thrones Season 8 coming in April 2019

Game of Thrones Season 8 will have a total of 6 episodes. Read AKBlog's predictions for the upcoming season 8 here. HBO also released a promotional teaser video along the announcement.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will have a lot of battles and main characters dying. Look at AKBlog's prediction for season 8 cast deaths here. 

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4 Shortcomings of the Online Book Buying Experience

Buying goods online is no novel concept. It has been around for almost over a decade and has taken the world by storm. Consumers love purchasing goods online as well because it saves them a lot of time as well as money.

4 Shortcomings of the Online Book Buying Experience

In a way, books were the ones to start the online revolution with Amazon, since then has become the third largest corporation in the United States of America and is worth more than a trillion dollars. This is not by accident. People love reading and they love buying books online because of all its ease and convenience. Even the online bookstores in Pakistan have taken off in recent times because of the popularity of the trend of purchasing books online.

4 Shortcomings of the Online Book Buying Experience

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Yet, not everything that glitters is gold and there are some drawbacks, as there are with any other thing, when it comes to the online book buying experience.

Flaws in the Online Book Buying Experience

Let us look at some of the shortcomings while purchasing books online in Pakistan.

1. When the wrong book is delivered 

This is perhaps the most common flaw in the online book buying experience. People who shop online are all too aware of this one. It happens, though not very often, that the wrong book turns up at your doorstep. It is annoying and frustrating since you do not expect this mistake to happen, after all, how hard is it to deliver one book that was ordered from the site?

Yet, it is not just one book. This comes down to the back-end logistics of the online retailer you purchase from and how efficient it is in dealing with orders that come in. Sometimes, if there are too many orders and the backend system is not strong enough, errors occur and the wrong book ends up being delivered to the wrong address.

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Moreover, sometimes, it is a just good old-fashioned human error. Where the courier might make a mistake and deliver the wrong book. This might be fine for some customers but for others, it’s a deal breaker and they may spread bad word of mouth publicity about the online retailer who made the mistake. This is detrimental to the business itself since a bad rapport with customers is the last thing that you need as a business.

Moreover, if this happens in case of academic books, it might cause more inconvenience for the customer since academic books are needed for university classes and for preparing exams. The wrong book delivered costs the customer precious time, which as students will tell you, they do not have. This will not sit well with consumers and they may never buy from that particular online book retailer again.

2. Complicated User Interface

Some online bookstores have a complicated user interface on their website. This makes it difficult for the consumer to find the book they are looking for and they end up going to another website. This, in turn, costs the business itself because they just lost a customer who was willing to buy but due to poor user interface was forced to leave the site. From the customer’s point of view, it is not only annoying but also wastes time.

That is why, it is essential to make online retail websites simple, and easy to use for consumers. This helps so that they can find the book they are looking for easily and quickly.

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3. Lack of Discounts or Promotions

A significant drawback in the online book buying experience is that there are not as many discounts and promotions available as there are in the conventional brick and mortar bookshops. These are extremely important to consumers since everyone wants to save as much money as possible and even though online book retail stores offer cost efficiency to a certain extent, it is always nice when there are extra promotions and discounts available.

4. Lack of touch and feel of the books

This is important for many customers since we tend to trust our own selves more than anyone else’s and if we are able to touch and feel the book in our own hands then we are able to be satisfied with its condition.

Even though many online book retailers describe the condition of the book to consumers, yet the lack of touch and feel of the item itself is a serious drawback while purchasing online books in Pakistan. This is, in fact,, an inherent need in all consumers looking to buy books, perhaps passed down from the older generation to the next to be able to touch and feel the book in their hands before purchasing it.

These were just some of the drawbacks while purchasing online books in Pakistan. Though they may exist now, yet in time hopefully they will be weeded out.

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What is The Best Company to Send and Receive Payments Online?

Today Online businesses are in trend. Many businesses are now shifted to the online network. The main reason to start an online company, business, and freelancing work is the scope and reach of your company in the global market, due to the internet you can now have customers from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to take.

However, the crucial part in online business is doing online transaction. You will have to deal with customers from all over the world and different currencies. So You need an easy and flexible online payment which is acceptable all over the world.

What is The Best Company to Send & Receive Payments Online

So here, I will tell you about the best company to send and receive payments online from your clients.

The Best Company to Send and Receive Payments Online

When it comes to online payments, then definitely you will hear the name Payoneer. Payoneer is one of the best and oldest payment company. It is widely used by most of the businessmen, freelancers etc. It is very flexible and easy method to do transactions from all over the world. Everyone can use it because to register in it is completely free and quick.

You can set up your account just in a few minutes and then Payoneer will verify your account in 1-2 working days then after verification, you can able to do an online transaction with an ease. Payoneer offers the money to withdraw to your local bank or can load amount in Payoneer prepaid MasterCard to use it for online purpose.

Benefits of Payoneer account

Payoneer is the best solution for all businessmen and freelancer who have to send or receive payment to their clients across the globe. The cost of converting foreign currencies is very high in an online transaction in other methods. But Payoneer is here to save you from all the hassle and high transaction charge. So here are some of the benefits of having a Payoneer account.

1) Quick setup

Since 2005, Payoneer is here for everyone to provide easy and comfortable online payment gateway. The setup process is very easy and fast to register on it and starts your business today. You will need to provide your information like name, address, bank account, IFSC code and other important details at the time of signup process. after that, they will start the verification process and in 1-2 working days your account will be verified, then you can easily start sending and receiving payments from the globe.

2) Easy withdraw

It is very easy and flexible to withdraw from Payoneer account to your local bank account. The process of withdrawal is very fast. It also provides the US automated clearing house, international wire transfer and also local bank transfer. Which is the best method to get payments.

3) Low charge

While doing transaction across the globe you will get charged some percent on every transaction you do. This charge is very high for the small business owner and can affect your business. But Payoneer was built for this purpose only to provide the best alternative to the existing method for doing online business. The cost is very low in every transaction and helps you to cut the high charge. And on top of everything, if you’ll use this Payoneer 25 Bonus, you’ll have a chance to earn a free Payoneer $25 to $35 Sign UP Bonus.

4) Secure Payment

Payoneer provides its security trust for all the payments. It is trusted by everyone all around the world for a payment gateway. Payoneer is also verified by many companies for providing a professional and secure method to do the online transaction for business owners or be it, freelancers.

5) Globally accepted

Payoneer has around 4 million users from over more than 150 countries which provide transaction in 150 currencies. Most of the online companies like Fiverr, freelancer, work, they accept Payoneer to withdraw money from their websites.

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6) Customer support

Payoneer Company provides amazing reliable support to its customers and is available for 24x7. Payoneer is considered as one of the trusted company for the online transaction from one country to other in just a few clicks.

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7) Payoneer master-card

A prepaid master-card is provided for the purpose of using it for loading amount in master-card and to do online transactions without any worries.

If you don’t have any Payoneer Account and want to sign up for one then go and get here your own free payoneer mastercard

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Payoneer is the best option to have if you are doing online business or freelancing work. In online work buyer or sellers have to deal with clients from other countries and Payoneer convert the foreign country currency into your country currency.

However, the charge for doing an international transaction is very high and this is very much effective for the small business owner or new freelancer to pay. So Payoneer has cut the high cost and made it very less, which is not a big deal for the user. They also provide 24x7 customer support for all countries which is very helpful in solving any problem at any time.

Talking about freelancer, they receive an order from all over the world and after the completion, they can receive money from other countries and then it can be withdrawn in your local bank account on daily basis. It is very helpful for the small transaction as well as big. The maximum transaction you can perform in a day is around 1 lac, which is very amazing for companies who have to do big transactions to their clients.

Due to all these cool features it is providing, now it has become the most preferred and best alternative to receive or send payments from companies or clients without any security issues or problem in delay clearance of the amount. The amount will be cleared in 1-2 working days which is very less time than any other online transaction companies.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 - Winter is Coming - Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 aired on April 17, 2011 on HBO. The episode was titled "Winter is Coming". The seventh season of Game of Thrones ended on August 27, 2017. This is a breakdown of the season 1 episode Winter is coming which made every watcher a fan of the series and was the first step in making it the biggest show on television.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 - Winter is Coming - Breakdown

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 - Winter is Coming - Breakdown

Game of Thrones season 1 starts on the continent of Westeros. The story of four houses starts when King Robert visits the Capital of North, Winterfell. King Robert Baratheon came to request Ned Stark, the Warden of the North, to be his Hand of the King. King Robert Baratheon wanted Ned Stark's help.

Stark Family - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

The former Hand, Jon Arryn, died under suspicious conditions. Robert takes his wife, Cersei Lannister and other people from the Red Keep, which includes various other Lannisters.

Soon after an illustrious party arrives, various guests including all the Lannisters and Starks alive during that period. After the party, Ned Stark's better half, Catelyn Stark, gets a message asserting that the Lannister family was in charge of the passing of the previous Hand, Jon Arryn. She tells Ned, who acknowledges the situation and accepts the role as Hand of the King with a specific end goal to shield Robert from the Lannisters.

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

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Ned's child Bran at that point finds Cersei Lannister and her sibling Jaime Lannister engaging in intimate relations, and Jaime pushes Bran from a window to end him. Everybody thinks Bran basically fell while moving around the manor.

While Bran is as yet oblivious, Ned leaves Winterfell and rides south with Robert. That day, Ned's other son, Jon Snow, leaves to serve at the Wall, a huge structure that shields Westeros from the wild of the far North. The gathering of men vowed to shield the Wall, the Night's Watch, have been accepting reports of bizarre animals and have been losing men with expanding recurrence. Tyrion Lannister, a little individual who is a sibling to Cersei and Jaime, sets out with Jon to the Wall to see the gigantic structure.

Meanwhile in Essos

Meanwhile in the eastern part of the world, away from Westeros. The last remaining Targaryan girl Daenerys Targaryen weds the warlord Khal Drogo, the ruler of the Dothraki horde. Daenerys and her sibling Viserys are the last surviving individuals from the family Robert vanquished to wind up ruler, the Targaryens.

Khal Drogo - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

They are an old family said to be plunged from mythical beasts, and Viserys thinks with Khal Drogo's armed force he can retake the honored position as King of Westeros. A knight named Ser Jorah Mormont, banished by Ned Stark, promises Daenerys Targaryen he will help. Daenerys gets three mythical serpent eggs as a wedding blessing and turns out to be instantly interested by them.

Targryan - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

A Sword Fight Incident in Westeros

On the trip towards the south to the capital, King's Landing, Robert's and Cersei's child, Joffrey, and Ned's little girl Sansa, who everybody presumes will be married one day, go for a walk. At the point when Joffrey sees Arya, Ned's other daughter and sister to Sansa, was honing her sword fighting skills with a kid.

sansa joffery - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

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Joffrey chooses to demonstrate to them he's a superior warrior. As pets, all of the Stark children have direwolfs, a wolf breed bigger than typical wolves that apparently happens to be the image of the Stark house. Arya's wolf, Nymeria, harms Joffrey safeguarding her.

Direwolves - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

In spite of the fact that Sansa knows Joffrey impelled the battle. She won't tell on Joffrey since she's infatuated with him. As a result, Cersei demand Arya's wolf be murdered. Yet since it ran away harming Joffrey, Cersei requests that Ned slaughter Sansa's wolf. Meanwhile, a professional killer tries to slaughter the oblivious Bran but comes up short.

Ned Stark - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

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Local SEO - What is local SEO lead generation and how does it work?

To me, the title of this articles summarizes a few trends. One, search is becoming local. Two, the ways in which local consumers find local companies is fundamentally different than a few years ago. Three, no online strategy is complete without a focus on local SEO whether you are a large multinational or a local mom and pop.

Local SEO - What is local SEO lead generation and how does it work

Local SEO - What is local SEO lead generation and how does it work?

Think SEO. Think marketing. Then think local. Local SEO lead generation is simply applying the principles of SEO (search engine optimization) to a targeted geographic area or areas to generate leads for your services. Meaning, selecting and optimizing for keywords that local searchers are likely to use.

An example might help

Let’s say you are a regional electronic retailer - ABT in the Chicago area. Now you might say that ABT can sell anywhere through e commerce. Partially true, but stay with me. Let’s say you want to attract at home chef’s (wannabe chefs in my mind). Local search engine optimization to generate leads is a logical choice for two reasons. One, you only have a store in one location and two you can’t really ship an expensive Viking stove all that far and still be competitive.

What to do? Well if you want to attract local at home chef’s who you think would buy Viking stoves from you in Chicago, you need to figure out how to reach them specifically. Meaning, Viking Stove, Home Chef, etc. are keywords that are unlikely to work given they will pull from all over the country. Instead, you might want to add a modifier - Chicago Viking Stove, Chicago Home Chef, etc.

Localize your keywords

To take it a step beyond SEO and focus on the next step, conversion, you might also consider creating a dedicated area on your site for Chicago At Home Chef’s focused on the Viking product line and offering recipes from local restaurants... Just a thought.

And even if you are a regional or national retailer, local SEO can still work for you. Think local specials, pushing products in local markets (local products, products specific to a local need) or growing market share for a particular product line in a specific geography.

Local SEO : Putting it into practice

Its rather simple. Its all about the keywords modifier something like if you are promoting the rewrting services you can use the paraphrasing tool online free. As you consider your SEO strategy, consider the area(s) you want to serve, promote to, create specials for, etc. Then determine what modifiers you can use (where there is still reasonable traffic) to narrow the traffic you receive to your area(s) of focus. Then add those modifiers to the keywords you are optimizing for Its that simple.

And the good news (beyond the fact that its easy) is that the results of local SEO will take less time to pay off. There is generally less competition for local keywords, so your site will show in the search engine results much quicker. Can it get any better?

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Local SEO: Why its more effective than the Yellow Pages for lead generation

A statistic I use over and over again sums it up. 25% of all internet searches are locally focused. And local search is estimated to be growing at a pace of 24% a year.

What are all those local searchers looking for? Restaurants, plumbers, carpet cleaners, retailers, doctors, lawyers, you name it. And guess what they are abandoning - The Yellow Pages. Who wants to invest that time looking through a clunky book better served as a booster seat, foot rest, etc.

Ask yourself, Where do you want to advertise? Online for free using SEO or in the Yellow Pages which is primarily used by price sensitive, older shoppers... Hmm. What kind of lead do you want?

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Local SEO and the lead

I had to fulfill on the second half of the title’s promise. Local SEO for its own sake is useless. As is marketing for marketing’s sake. It needs to produce something tangible. And by tangible we mean a lead - whether a lead that comes into your store, calls you, fills out a form or buys online. It really doesn’t matter. The end game is creating leads - people who are interested locally.

Local SEO for lead generation is particularly important given that most internet searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases, up to 80% of the household budget is spent locally and advertising that doesn’t produce customers is just a plain waste.

So when putting a local SEO campaign into place be sure you are building it in a way to generate or capture leads - a click, call, form or sale. And always be sure to track the conversion rate of those leads to understand whether your local SEO efforts are paying off.

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Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

I've been watching anime for a long time now. Also I'm a big fan of certain manga also. Recently I watched the Attack on Season 3 which was most certainly better than the manga version of the same uprising arc. In this article, I will enlist the top 10 anime ranked by number of views they get on their initial episode release.

Considering that there are re-runs and blu-ray/DVD releases of these anime. I've just kept the list limited to the first release of the episode and ranked the series on behalf of that particular number of viewers only.

This simplifies the process of ranking the anime. And also gives a good idea about the average number of people watching each episode.

Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

Here's the list:

1# Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is that the top of the list. Considering the anime is still incomplete. It still gets the most viewers per episode to get to the top of the list.

Netflix is currently working on a live action movie of the Fullmetal Alchemist which is still in the making. Here's the trailer for the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie.

2# Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is still incomplete as the manga is still progressing towards completion. Although its not sure that the manga will end or not. But the anime is still far behind. The anime has caught up to the manga chapter 71 and the next season isn't coming out till 2019.

However, the viewership has certainly been great for the anime as it is ranked second to Fullmetal Alchemist in the list of top 10 Anime.

Attack on Titan - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

3# Dragon Ball Z

The series continuation of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z was one of the most watched anime series of the 90s. The series ran from 1989 to 1996. It soon became a mega hit with games and movies being released soon on. 

Following the success of Dragon ball Z, two new series Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super were released.

Dragon Ball Z - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

4# Naruto Shipp┼źden

Naruto is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the leader of his village. The manga "Naruto" is the third-best-selling manga of all time (approximately 235 million sales).

Naruto's final episode released on March 23, 2017.

Naruto Shippuden - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

5# Bleach

Unlike Attack on titan, the manga "Bleach" is complete. And the only arc that is yet to animated is the Quincy Blood War arc. However a few episodes have been animated by fans. With fan animation still in works. Its still not possible that the final arc will be animated any time soon.

Bleach - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

Here's the list of top 10 Bleach anime fights just for you:

6# Dragon Ball Super

The continuation of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super has ended its anime for the English sub fans however the dubbed English version is still going and is approaching the tournament of Power. The anime has been well received by fans alongwith a short series Dragon Ball Super Heroes which minly had the purpose of promoting the game going by the same name and three feature films:
  • Dragon Ball Z - Battle of gods
  • Dragon Ball Z - Resurrection F
  • Dragon Ball Super - Broly (to be released on January 19, 2018)

Dragon Ball Super - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

7# One Piece

The anime One Piece is still not complete even after reaching 850+ episodes. Starting in October of 1999, the anime has yet to finish. With the dubbed version behind on the 570+  mark.

One Piece - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

8# Death Note

Death Note the anime aired between 2006-2007 and consisted of a total of 37 episodes. Rarely anyone I met hasn't seen this anime. The anime was one of the most watched during its run. But with time other series grew bigger while death note decided to end after just one season of 37 episodes. 

After the anime, the series has produced two live action movies and one netflix adaption movie.

Death Note - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

9# Pokemon

Pokemon, a manga, anime and so much more. Rarely you can find anyone who doesn't know about the franchise that is Pokemon. According to wikipedia, Pokemon has become the highest grossing media franchise since its birth.

Pokemon  - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

10# Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh has had different anime adaptations. The most famous one being the one stating the Pharaoh who possessed the body of the boy named YuGi. The boy later on got to possess the egyptian god cards which made him the best duelist of the world.

Yu-Gi-Oh - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

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Attack on Titan to get another live action movie by Warner Bros. - Directed by IT director

The popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan will get another live action movie produced by Warner Bros. Attack on Titan has already got two like action movie made in Japan which flopped hard and were not received well by the fans.

Attack on Titan to get another live action movie by Warner Bros.

Attack on Titan to get another live action movie by Warner Bros.

The news came today that the movie will be produced by Warner Bros. for a Hollywood release. The films rights now belong to Warner Bros. for live action production. Also the movie will be made by the studio that made Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Attack on Titan to get another live action movie by Warner Bros.

‘IT’ Director Andy Muschietti to Direct

The recently released IT movie director Andy Muschietti will direct the live action movie as it was made official today. Andy Muschietti is also responsible for directing the IT movie sequel.

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting For Your Blog in 2019

Choosing the best WordPress web hosting from the millions of web hosting companies may look very difficult. But why compare so many hosting companies? I think it is always better to find real-time reviews shared by bloggers and webmasters.

As a blogger, I have used many web hosting companies to host different websites and that's why I can share the tips to choose a best web hosting plans for your website.

There are many top players in this field. Most of these companies are doing great business, but as per your need you have to choose one over another.

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting For Your Blog in 2019

How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting For Your Blog?

To make this comparison easy and handy for my readers, I tried to consider couple of points to choose a good hosting provider.

Price - The main factor

Costing is the key factor which stops many people from starting a self-hosted WordPress blogs. You will find many hosting companies offering very cheap prices. But the question is, are they really a good WordPress hosting provider?

Don't just go by the cheapest price hosting, there are some good hosting companies who offer cheaper plans. You can easily find that many of the best WordPress hosting services are charging very low cost on their monthly plans.

But remember one thing, these prices are applicable only for your initial purchase terms only, when you renew your hosting, you have to pay the actual price as most hosting companies don't offer any renewal discount.
  • Have low budget? Then go for shared hosting/WordPress hosting
  • Have good budget? Then you must try Managed WordPress Hosting

If you really want to get maximum discount on web hosting plans, then you must wait till Black Friday sale as during that period majority of the web hosting companies give deals of up to 98%.

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Support - A necessary advantage

Almost every hosting company offers phone and email support. Many of them also offer live chat support which is the key to their success. But still some hosting companies face huge criticism due to their bad response time.

So, make sure you are choosing a hosting provider who offers instant support, have a highly knowledgeable technical team who can address and fix your issue as quickly as possible.

The problem with any web hosting company is that they can go down anytime and even a few seconds of downtime can make a huge defecit in your business. So, you need a dedicated support system which can be accessible at anytime of the day and week, 24/7.

Easy to Use cPanel

The beauty of WordPress hosting is the easy setups which any one can perform using the web hosting cPanel. Many shared hosting plans don't offer these many features which is little tricky for a beginner.

But with a good WordPress hosting plan you can easily perform various tasks like adding an addon domain, installing WordPress, creating email IDs, uploading files, taking backups etc.

These days, cPanels are becoming so easy to navigate that even a novice can also understand how to add domain name, install WordPress, and create email accounts easily.

Security - A must for a WordPress Blog

Security is the biggest worry for any kind of online business. For a webmaster to keep the website safe, one must install the SSL certificate. These days almost every top hosting company offers free SSL certificates.

This will make sure that your load time is less. Besides that, many hosting providers offer good caching system, free backups, free cloud flare integration and many more ways to keep your website secure.

Even if you have to pay a little extra, one must go with a reputed and reliable hosting company who is providing good security, caching system and backup services with their plans. You should not compromise with your security measures for buying a cheap hosting plan.

Speed - An important part of SEO 

Do you think your website speed only depends up on the speed optimizations you have done? Your website's SEO depends on other factors too. Then let me tell you are indeed wrong and that your hosting company is also responsible for this.

Yes, if your hosting plan isn't able to load the pages fast because of using outdated technology (Non SSD hosting, not PHP7 upgrade), improper caching system etc. then you must switch your hosting plan to a better one.

Conclusion to the Best WordPress Web Hosting

So, these are the few key points one must keep in mind while buying a web hosting plan. If you’re a WordPress blogger then you can look for companies who offer the best WordPress web hosting plans and make your life simpler.

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown | The Death of Vibe

The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 aired on October 23, 2018. The episode is titled "The Death of Vibe" with the next episode 4 coming on October 30, 2018 titled "News Flash". The episode started exactly where the last episode left off.

With the new villain Cicada, played by Chris Klein, ending the life of Vibe and faking his own arrest in the beginning. Also about the identity of this man, Cicada, we got to know that he was a father and he came back to end Vibe.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown  The Death of Vibe

The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown 

The episode started with Nora, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, explaining the existence of Cicada. How he was never caught by the Flash, the legends of tomorrow or the league. With an easter egg about the existence of the Justice League, it is quite possible that the Arrowverse gets a league of its own.

Cicada was pretty much the biggest baddie of the lot. Being able to stay hidden from all the superheroes. So inorder to figure this mystery out, a new member of team flash was introduced.

Sherloque - The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown  The Death of Vibe

A new member of Team Flash

Sherloque, played by Tom Cavanagh, an inter-dimensional investigator that was called to Earth-1 to catch Cicada. This person was definitely not the Harrison Wells that was shown in the previous seasons.

The Death of Vibe

The Death of Vibe was apparently a tactic played by Nora to fake  the death of Vibe aka Cisco Ramon, played by Carlos Valdes. The tactic worked handsomely as Cicada was now sure that Vibe was dead.

However the team could not get close to finding out about his identity, but the fans did see him in a closing scene.

Cicada, played by Chris Klein - The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown

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That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 3 Breakdown.

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Avengers 4 Set Selfie Leaked - First look at Pepper Potts' Rescue armor

This new leaked picture from Avengers 4 gets leaked. The leaked set selfie gives the first detailed look at Pepper Potts' Rescue armor which was rumored by fans all over the internet.

AVENGERS 4 Set Selfie Leaked - First look at Pepper Potts' Rescue armor

Avengers 4 Set Selfie Leaked

The rumored rescue armor is finally seen in this picture leaked on social media. It is quite evident that this will be part of the Avengers 4 Annihilation or endgame. I guess she will definitely be a part of both the endings rumored earlier.

Will Avengers 4 Represent Women Empowerment

But the question is, will Avengers 4 represent Women Empowerment? Since we already know that Evangeline Lilly playing Wasp from Antman and the Wasp will be there along with so many other female characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that it is quite possible that we may possibly have more female characters than male characters in the MCU after Avengers 4.

Also notable mentioning Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson will be leading the Avengers after this. Becoming the face of the MCU after the departure of Chris Evans as Captain America.

Will Avengers 4 Represent Women Empowerment

The return that will surely take place is of Gamora played by Zoe Saldana because she is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 cast.

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The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

The best blogging platforms for bloggers of 2019 are here. I've compiled the list. But first let's have a look at what a blog is first. Blog is a place where people share their valuable ideas and thoughts with millions of people of the same interest. Blogging is still popular despite the domination of social media sites, which have ruined the beauty of sharing thoughts and ideas with others and interacting and make contacts.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

Almost 10 years back, blogging was something which was not done by everyone because at that time for creating a blog you would have needed programming knowledge, so it was not everyone’s cup of tea. But today many technologies have made blogging easy and it has changed the internet world completely.

What if I tell you that you can have your own blog free of cost without any coding knowledge. Want to know how, then stick till the end.

Today many blogging platforms have emerged and it is quite confusing to decide which platform is best for blog. So here we present the best blogging platforms for bloggers 2019.

What is a Blogging Platform? 

First you need to know what is a blogging platform. Blogging platform is a content management system for creating and publishing your content on websites like WordPress, Blogger and many more.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

Here is the complete list of blogging platforms you should know if you are planning to start your own blog.

Before you actually start a blog, you will need to purchase web hosting and the most reliable webhost that I’d recommend is HostGator. HostGator is providing the most cheap hosting plan which is the shared hosting plan. Even if you will choose the Yearly Shared Hosting plan, you will be able to save a huge 75% of your total hosting cost. Click here to get 75% off on hostgator hosting plan 

1) - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It's easy and free.

Whenever it comes to blogging the word blogger strike through everyone’s mind. Blogger is a free blogging platform from google and is very easy to setup if you are just starting to step in blogging world. Many big bloggers have once used blogger because blogger is free and doesn’t charge you for anything. Using Google Adsense with Blogger can enhance your income alot because Google Adsense revenue share with Blogger is 0%.

You can easily create your own blog in few minutes with a free sub-domain which is great for newbies to start. However, blogger has some limitations like you can only create a simple blog ,but if you want to create attractive and responsive blogs then you lack this feature here.

However, new responsive themes are now present to download and use. Some are external while some are available as default blogger themes. - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

2) Create a Free Website or Blog

After blogger the second name the comes in the list is WordPress which is free platform for blogging and has all the tools for creating beautiful blogs. You can unleash your creativity with WordPress. You can signup for free plans and you will get plenty of tools to work with and learn new stuff.

However there are some limitations in the free plan and for some features to use you will need to purchase their business plan where you get a custom domain also. WordPress is very popular among many blogger because its functionality is great and offers a huge number of plugins for various works.

Wordpress - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

3) Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website

Well in terms of creating attractive and beautiful web pages, you should take a look at wix which is an amazing platform. The best part of Wix is that it gives drag and drop features with which you can have fun and also make quick changes.

Wix is very easy to use and an amazing platform for bloggers to work on. Starting with wix is free and you can easily setup you blog in few clicks. But every free thing has a hidden catch, here is the catch with Wix. In free plan you have limited resources and limited designs so to unlock all the extras you have to purchase the premium plans.

In free plan you will get 500MB disk space and 1GB bandwidth which I think is not good for blogs with good traffic.

Wix - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

4) Yola - Make a Free Website

Yola is similar platform to wix. It also gives drag and drop features. Starting with yola is easy. Yola offers a free plan in which you will get some limitations like you can host 2 blogs and each blog have 3 pages.

It offers many cool features like great site-builder to put all the things together and choose from hundreds of customizable themes. You also get the feature of editing its CSS properties if you have skillful knowledge of CSS.

Yola - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

5) Hubpages

Hubpages is a bit different platform from the others as hubpages is a huge network of bloggers,who can share their stories and can communicate with each other through their blogs. It offers some cool features like arts and design section where you can become more creative and show off your design skills to others. Hubpages helps every blogger to connect with each other and earn revenue from ads and affiliate ad networks.

Hubpages - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

6) Tumblr

Tumblr basically looks like a mixture of WordPress and twitter. It is easy to share you blog content and it also has a huge community.

Tumblr - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

7) Edublogs – free blogs for education

Edublogs is a education blogs for students, teacher and other education related personnel. Here, if you are fond of design and creation then this is your place to hangout. Edublogs is powered by WordPress and is free.

Here you can share educational related things with your college friends and teachers for free. They give you a lot of benefits and features to interact with each others. The free plan comes with 250 premium themes and 1 GB of storage space. However for extras you have to buy pro plan, if you want to get serious with your blog.

Edublogs - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

8) Jekyll - Simple, blog-aware, static sites

Jekyll is an amazing platform to host your blog as you will need to put raw text files and then it will turn it into a robust static site to host. It is the engine behind GitHub pages which means you can host your blog for free here. Making your blog with Jekyll takes away the hassle of managing databases and storage.

Jekyll - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

9) Ghost

In ghost something is different. Unlike others on this list. How much you pay for ghost is depending on the size of the traffic and although it is free for 14 days because of trial. Ghost platform is slightly different from others as it is an open source. The most unique feature of ghost is that it gives preview of your post, how is it going to look while you are writing it down.

So, here are the best blogging platforms for bloggers 2019. You should choose you blogging platform wisely and don’t end up wasting your time on completely useless sites.

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How To Win An Online Voting Contest

How To Win An Online Voting Contest? Contests are a part of the routine as they are bound to surface every once in awhile. Moreover, their functioning remains the same regardless of where the contests is being held making it easier to participate. By following a universal principle which stays same for all and every contest, one might assume that winning would come easy as well. However, that is not the case. Winning online contests require work and the intermarry or rather the magnitude of the work needed to barely leave a dent on the competition is enormous to say the very least.

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How To Win An Online Voting Contest

How To Win An Online Voting Contest

Victory is not simply handed over to you after you participate in the contest but rather you have to earn it fair and square which is nothing less than a challenge in its own. Fortunately, vendors such as on the Website - are here to help as you search the answer of the question how to win an online voting contest. The answer might surprise as you as it is not only simple but easy to achieve. By following two rational steps, you can achieve greatness within a few clicks.

The First Step Is To Have The Right Mindset!

The answer to the question how to win an online voting contest is by having the right mindset. If your approach to winning or your efforts are limited, your votes will also be limited. Hence limiting your influence in the competition and ultimately leading to your defeat. Therefore, it is your priority to have the general mindset to play the game to win the game.

You have to be able to weigh the pros over the cons and make decisions you previously haven’t exercised before. This requires you to outsource to the vendors of preference to cement your progress in the contest. A step which can make all the difference. If your approach to winning the contest is limited, you can never make a significant difference. This provides you with enough of a reason to think outside the box and utilize the resources available to you to their fullest.

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Step 2: Selecting The Best Package

How to win an online voting contest requires you to select the right package when you outsource to a professional. With so many options available, selecting the right package which provides you with enough votes to make a difference is of critical importance. Therefore, this step is to be done with concentration and care. If you select the package which best caters towards your needs, you will save up on cash and get enough votes on your account entry to make a difference or leave an impact.

As timely delivery of votes is guaranteed it is recommended to think ahead of today as you select your package of preference. In other words, selecting a package which provides you with a competitive edge not only for today but for tomorrow and the day after and so on until the contest comes to a conclusion is of great significance.

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How do I Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account?

How do I Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account? Getting a Google Adsense account can be a hard task but after you've established yourself as a good blogger or developer and sufficient amount of traffic is coming towards your blog, you can easily get a Google Adsense account. But this is not the worrying thing about blogging.

How do I Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account?

The most worrying thing for a blogger is getting his Google Adsense account disapproved for invalid click activity which he did not commit. Afterwards how do you reactivate your disabled or disapproved adsense account? Get it Reinstated but how? Firstly we'll see what the fault really is.

Invalid Clicks

What are invalid clicks? These are basically clicks that a publisher does on his own ads. This is not allowed by Google Adsense. Basically its like taking your salary from your employer by force. 
Google Adsense is quite strict when it comes to invalid clicks. Every bloggers worst nightmare is to receive an email from Google Adsense that says your account is suspended for invalid click activity which he did not commit.

High CTR

CTR is the click through rate of ads. I wrote about it in detail in another article related to ads. Google adsense also takes a high CTR value as invalid click activity. Although it does seem wrong, but people with low website traffic tend to suffer because of this. On average a CTR of 15% is the maximum that Google Adsense allows as safe. Any higher could get you penalized for invalid click activity.

Recently, Google Adsense has become more aware of invalid clicks and tend to cut off the revenue generated from invalid clicks from publisher's accounts. This is somewhat better than losing your revenue source completely.

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Any one who has a disapproved or disabled Google Adsense account can not get it back, even if his account is disabled due to invalid clicks. What someone can do is to Contact Google Adsense.
Or you can go to the contact form to give them a detailed analysis of your problem and then submit a reason for account termination. If your reason is valid there's a good chance your account will be reinstated.
The third thing that someone can do is to close his disabled/dissaproved adsense account and open a new one from the same email address.
  • Click here to go to the account cancellation form.
The fourth and final thing you can do is fill the appeal form. Don't use this form if your account has never been active, suspended for invalid traffic or policy reasons or you would like to report or appeal a policy violation or your Google Account has been disabled, rather than your AdSense account.
But there are certain rules that if not followed could lead to permanent ban from Google Adsense.

How do I Reactivate my Disabled or Disapproved Adsense Account?

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown | Blocked

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 aired on October 16, 2018. The episode is titled "Blocked" with the next episode 3 coming on October 23, 2018 titled "The death of Vibe". The episode started exactly where the last episode ended with the new villain Cicada, played by Chris Klein, ending the life of Gridlock and taking his powers. About the identity of this man, Cicada, not much was revealed but he did come back at the end to meet the flash and his team.

Cicada - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown | Blocked

The episode kicked off with team flash discussing the fact that Nora wasn't actually trapped in the timeline instead she was there because of her own will. 

Apart from that the main concentration of the episode was on Cisco for being too hung up on Gypsy aka Susan. The members of team flash try to make him move forward from his obscure situation and try to balance his emotions. Ralph Dibny comes up with the main plan for this.

The big baddie of this episode, Block makes her first appearance on the TV screen. She apparently can create layers of dense molecules and shape them as blocks hence the name block.

Block - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

Vanessa Jansen aka Block turns into an arms dealer and tries to sell those arms when the team Flash catch her. XS catches her first baddie this season. Then Cicada played by Chris Klein shows up to take the powers of the three team flash members.

Team Flash - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 2 Breakdown.

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6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

There are many people who have ideas in their minds that can lead them to great successes but they just do not have the courage to pursue them. People think that starting a business of their own is too risky and so they keep doing the monotonous jobs that has become their comfort zone even though it is boring and does not payback in the long-run. These are the 6 things successful content marketers do for achieving success in their field.

Entrepreneurship has its risks and nobody is denying that. But the fact is that it has the rewards that you cannot have with a 9 to 5 job. This article is sharing some of the characteristics of a successful content marketer that can be a guide for entrepreneurs.

6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

The risks with entrepreneurship can be avoided if done correctly. Nobody is saying that you can develop a business with trillion dollar net worth in two weeks. But with the right strategies, you have a chance of owning something big with entrepreneurship. All you need to do is to avoid the risk by employing the best business strategies that you can.

One factor that reduces the chance of failure with entrepreneurship is good marketing. With a focus on marketing, it is possible to grow quickly in a small period of time. However, the traditional marketing can be expensive and may not return the investment in high rates sometimes. This is why people often choose Content Marketing as the major marketing strategies for their new or old businesses. Yet, in order to tap into great profits, you need to be a good content marketer.

Know the Market Well

A good content marketer is the one who knows exactly whom he is communicating with. Knowing the market makes you understand what would work and what wouldn’t. It will make it easier for you to understand the audience generally. Moreover, it will provide you with the information about what are the demands of the audience and what kind of content will attract them to read your content. If what you are offering is what is needed, only then you will be successful at convincing people.
Content Quality Matters the Most

The core idea of content marketing revolves around an exchange of benefits between the audience and the marketer. The marketer has to provide the audience with good quality content in exchange of their attention. So, a good content marketer is the one who offers good content because it will engage more audience’s attention.

Post Regularly

Success in the content marketing comes to those who choose to establish a constant relationship with their audience. This is because it is in human nature that when they get to see something repeatedly, they become accustomed to it, start trusting it, and remember it. This is one of the fundamentals of marketing and advertisement. Additionally, posting regularly makes you more approachable due to your constant internet presence. And the more people get to see your content, the more popular your brand will become.

Make a Wikipedia Page

A Wikipedia page of your brand is one of the unique and effective content marketing strategies. It promotes your page and makes your internet presence permanent. Since Wikipedia pages are always in the top results of search engines, it also makes you have more trafficking and spreads brand awareness among more audience. Most importantly, it saves your time and effort. You only need to keep it updated without changing the entire content. You can choose to hire a Wikipedia page writer and editor and have a Wikipedia page of your own.

Make a Wikipedia Page

Use High-tech for Managing the Responsibilities Effectively

Managing a constant presence on different blogging sites and social media can be a tough task for busy business owners. There are software and apps that can help you schedule your posts for future and share a single post at different platforms. The knowledge of the right technological tools can help you with managing so many tasks at once.

Follow the Latest Trends

It is important to keep an eye on what kind of content is liked on the social networks and what are the hot topics that people like to read about. This will enhance the chances of your content being shared over the internet because sharing of the content further promotes your product and multiplies your audience.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019 after the end of episode 12, season 3 of Attack on Titan was officially broken down into two parts. The first part known as the uprising arc has ended at episode 12 of season 3. The new arc "The return to Shiganshina Arc" to resume season 3 in April 2019.

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Bad news is that Attack On Titan is delayed until April 2019. After this episode, it will return in April of 2019. One of the reasons is that they are giving time for manga to move ahead in story so that they don't have to stop the production anime due to lack of source material like what happened after season 1. They had to stop production of anime for 4 years just so they had source material to create content from.

The other reason being NHK has other things to broadcast other than this anime, hence the anime briefly stops here. It's to give way to another show that has reserved this time-slot. NHK is a national channel in Japan. So it's possible they allotted the time frame to some other show.

You may think that in everyone's layman view this delay was not necessary, but this is a significant move by any broadcast station in Japan, due to plethora amount of studio that pumps out shows and series that needs to be broadcasted for revenue.

The final reason is that its all an effort to build hype. Imagine the return of the Attack titan to fight the armored and the colossal titan in 2019. Surely anyone who has watched the series can get goosebumps thinking about this.

So, finally Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019. Don't forget to follow my Attack on Titan Memes page on facebook and the blog AKBlogs on facebook & Twitter.

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