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How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

Its rather easy sending PUBG Mobile to another phone either its Android to IOS or IOS to Android systems. You only need to download 1 app for this, "SHAREit - Transfer & Share". Just download the app follow the instructions and send it to your friends phone.

Using this method you wouldn't need to download the app on the other phone.

How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

Its simple, follow these steps to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone:
  • Download the app shareit from Google Playstore
  • Open it on both mobile devices
  • Click Send and select the app "PUBG Mobile" along with additional files, the total size of files should be around 2GB
  • Open your phone's bluetooth and wifi, also do the same for the receiving phone
  •  Select the receiving phone
This takes about 8-10 minutes. You will not be able to use wifi on both cellulars during the transfer but it's still better than downloading the game from the internet if you have a slow connection or your data package is limited.

After receiving the app simply install the app "PUBG Mobile" and your game will start working.

Also the maps apart from Erangel will not be downloaded even if the sender has them. The can be downloaded as additional files.

Play PUBG Mobile with me, contact using my fiverr gig.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

This episode had some good moments. Good opening scene, funny banter between Tyrion/Jaime/Brienne, and we finally got some more of Tyrion's point of view that has been lacking in the past couple of seasons. I also really liked that we got to see Dany being vulnerable from her point of view. The Jon/Dany scene was a standout this episode. We saw her conflicted and emotional, telling Jon how much he means to her, but also her being selfish and wanting him to keep quiet about his identity. Good setup, hopefully the writers don't butcher this in the final two episodes.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

I don't think Dany is in love with Jon. I think she just says it because she knows Jon is in love with her so she can control him. Just like what she did to Gendry, made him a lord so that Gendry wouldn't meddle with her plans for the throne. She saw how the people look at Jon. She knows the people like Jon more that's why she doesn't want anyone to know that Jon is the rightful king because the people would fight for Jon. I think Dany's going to be a mad queen.

Really where this episode starts to fall apart is in the logistics of the big moments. The same thing that has been plaguing the show the past couple of years, and D&D don't disappoint us here.
How does a naval fleet ambush a dragon? How? Seriously. How does Dany not see them? I guess they were hiding behind that rock the entire time. But still were able to easily put three bolts into Rhaegal without him being able to fly away.

Is it me, or are the dragons and Khaleesi just blind? How do you not see an entire fleet of ships when you have the advantage of being in the air? The writing for season 8 is just awful. Just trying to make it shocking and making it as unnecessarily difficult as possible for Khaleesi.

So Euron has a vicious fleet with pinpoint accuracy and is about to wipe them out. Their ships are getting obliterated, Tyrion jumps ship, and then they make it to the shore. Wait, what? What happened to the attack? I guess Euron got his prize possession Missandei and was like "yep, we're good here, just let them run away."

So they get away, after losing a dragon to one of those giant crossbows super easily. They set up a meeting with Cercei, who is waiting with like 10 crossbows. And Drogon is just sitting there casually with them and 50 soldiers. Are they braindead? You just saw your dragon die to these things, and you bring your dragon here and just sit there?

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And the best part is Cercei doesn't even attack them! Why would Cercei not just win the war here? She is not above using wildfire to blow up thousands of people but doesn't want to kill her biggest threat sitting in front of her like a sitting duck.

I really want to enjoy this show, I really do. And if it was just one episode I might be able to suspend my belief. But this nonsensical stuff is just thrown at us again and again, and it really takes me out of the moment.

And Yes,Why not bran warn Dany about ambush? Why didn't bran tell Jon and Dany about Cersei's plan? It doesn't make any sense why they don't use Bran?

As Jaime killed the mad king, if they go mad queen route with Dany, I think Tyrion will kill her.
If everyone had listened to Sansa and took a damn break, they'd be fine right now. When Sansa told the hound if she had gone with him she'd still be a little bird, I knew she was plotting something big. She told Tyrion about Jon to plant a seed and set events in motion. Arya is heading to King's Landing to carry out the plan.

Varys will absolutely betray Dany, but it won't work. She told him if he ever betrayed her again she will have him executed. So, that'll happen.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

The final season of Game of Thrones has started. A lot happened on the episode, the intro with Jaime on a trial was so great. Jaime not being sorry for what he did for his family was amazing. A true golden lion he is indeed. Also him being honest and true to his word to come North and help the people was everything that the fans wanted.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

Continuing with the intro Sansa and Dany have all the right to be angry at him. Also I loved how Briene of Tarth stood up and vouched for Jaime. Do you see that love there? Because the creators surely created a lot of love for Jaime inside Briene.

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Also Bran abruptly saying "Things I do for love". It was a grim reminder to Jaime of who he was and how much he has changed. Again Tyrion vouching for his older brother was one of the cutest scene in the entire history of Game of Thrones. However Dany overreacted on Tyrion. She distrusted Tyrion for trusting Cercei. She thinks it was one of her mistakes for making him hand of the queen. But Jorah the Andal convinces her otherwise.

Brandon Stark - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

Tyrion and Jaime. The last two living male Lannisters were together. The two brothers were united and that was everything I wanted to see. Tyrion with his humour and Jaime being Jaime was so great. Loved how both of them had an amazing chat which was relieving for both of them. How they evolved from being a totally different persons.

Tyrion and Jaime - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

Also the scene where Jaime confronted bran and apologized to him shows how great he has become. In that scene when Bran said "How do you know that there is an afterwards" gave me chills.

Jaime's reaction when he saw Briene was priceless to be honest. Their sweet relationship was made evermore sweet when Jaime Knighted Briene infront of everyone. Loved how everyone was their living their Final hours. Also Tormund totally stole the show. He has to be the funniest in the cast right now. "Giants milk makes me strong" was the BEST THING EVER.

Arya and Gendry loved each other from the beginning and we all knew that but to be honest didn't expect little Arya to grow up so quickly. This was unexpected to be hones. But still, a girl is not a virgin anymore.

I hate Sansa even more and more everyday. When Dany went to her to sort and settle things she could've been a little less bitchy. Why does she always have to be a bitch? Now tell me who's power hungry?

Sansa and Dany - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

Sam giving his sword to Jorah was also really sweet of him. Lady Mormont showing Jorah who the boss is now was simply savage as expected of her.

I have a feeling Theon and Sansa will get together. They seemed to like each other.

The ending 

Jon telling Dany about his true Identity. I felt so bad for Dany. She wanted the throne all her life. Her entire life she wanted only one thing, the Iron Throne. She's the true heir to the throne but as Jon or Aegon Targaryen is the last living male Targaryen he has a claim to the throne too and that really did shock her. Jon was probably gonna tell Dany that he doesn't want the throne before the horn blew.

Jon and Dany - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Breakdown and Discussion Thread

I think Jon will marry Daenerys cause she is pregnant with his baby. Jon said he would never father a bastard.

Dany knowing this that the man she loves is also her Nephew and also a contestant did shock her.

Every thing aside the Knight King is here at Winterfell and I cant think of anything else but Episode 3. Let's wait for his next action.

I saw someone comment that they believed the the Night King wasn’t shown in this episode because he’s gone to King's Landing. I just re-watched the episode and they make it clear, if Night King falls the entire army falls, so he’s not going to be out front and visible and vulnerable to attack. He’s coming for the cornerstone of mans existence, their history, their memory - Bran, just as he has come for all the three eyed ravens in the past, so Bran could be used as bait.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Predictions

Briene has her heart desire to be a knight fulfilled so I think she would die in the war as a knight, same as bran, he would be killed by being the bait but night king would also be defeated due to his sacrifice.

And greyworm making all those plans its just shows he wont survive. Whereas Arya, Cersei, Ser Jorah, Tormund and Tyrion, they had almost no important scenes in the first 2 episodes (except a few funny scenes by Tormund) so it means they would survive as they have some important role in the upcoming remaining episodes.

Especially Tyrion, why is nothing working for him? And still he remains the hand and alive? There is something big for him, I’m sure.

Interesting Article: Are Sansa and Tyrion still married by law? Game of Thrones Discussion

Anyone else felt like Bran and Jaime were like Doctor Strange and Tony Stark? I feel like Bran saw that Jaime was a pivotal character for the war so he didn't tell the rest about how he's the one who pushed him, same way how Doctor Strange gave up the time stone to save Tony cause he knew Tony was important for the endgame. Jaime is Azor Ahai maybe?

Expecting that Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 will be great just as this one.

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Are Sansa and Tyrion still married by law? Game of Thrones Discussion

Are Sansa and Tyrion still married by law? Game of Thrones fans lets discuss this small detail that was touched in the premier of season 8.

Are Sansa and Tyrion still married by law? Game of Thrones Discussion

Are Sansa and Tyrion still married by law? Game of Thrones Discussion

The quickest answer that everyone goes to is "no, they didn’t consummate the marriage. That’s how Ramsey was able to marry her." Considering this, technically she has rights to the Bolton’s land and titles. Because she is the last living Bolton in the family. She was officially married to Ramsey and therefore is the final Bolton alive.

The other way of looking at it is that it wasn't consummated, but it was never annulled to the viewer's knowledge either. In the books she is still lawfully a Lannister so it would be the same for the TV series with her marriage to Ramsay being illegal.

Having to consummate the marriage is a falsehood. Even without doing the deed the wedding would need annulling by royal decree, since they were both married under the King's knowledge. Ramsey's marriage was a sham also, as that would have not been legally binding without the previous annulment. In short, Sansa and Tyrion are still married in the eyes of gods and men. Remember that Sansa was married in the north in front of a weirwood tree which are like the old gods of Game of Thrones.

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But it is also a fact that in season 7, Tyrion referred to it as "A sham marriage" to Jon Snow, so I don't think it really matters anymore.

I don't think marriage needs to be consummated to be official. Consider this what if the person for some reason can't bed it. E.g., his body part is given to the lord of light, like Varys, can he never get married?

Back in season 5, Little finger talks about the fact that their marriage wasn’t consummated so by the law of the land, she is no man’s wife.

Sansa and Tyrion were formally and legally married. The marriage was never consummated, and that is grounds for an annulment but legally annulment has to be asked for. Basically if they seek an annulment the lack of consummation means it would almost definitely be granted, but my guess is that process has never been done - particularly with both of them being wanted criminals in hiding from the crown.

So, Sansa and Tyrion still married by law since there is no proof that their marriage was annulled.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Dub Release Date Confirmed

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 dub premieres on Sunday, May 26th, 2019 on Toonami. With the sub version premiering this month on the 28th of April, 2019. The trailer and key visuals have already been released for season 3 part 2.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Dub Release Date Confirmed

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Dub Release Date Confirmed

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

The final season of Game of Thrones has started. A lot happened on the episode, Jon finding out his parentage and flying Rhagal, sets the tone for 3 dragon rider fight between Dany/Jon and the Night King.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

Tension amongst the women around Jon is set for future betrayal. Arya, Sansa and Dany have different perspectives for the war to come. As Sansa is against Jon bending the knee. Also after finding out his true parentage, his allegiances are somewhat undeclared to this point. We will see what happens once Daenerys finds out that Jon is her nephew. Will Daenerys bend the knee to him?

Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

Sam's anger towards Dany sets him up to be a would be manipulator, who will later try to convince Jon to pursue the Iron throne, as Dany is definitely not fit as she murdered Sam's father and brother for not bending the knee. I loved when Sam said to Jon
“You gave up being king to save your people, would she in turn do the same thing?” 
That was one big question. Sam hopes Dany will be like Jon. He doesn’t see it possible after learning of his father and brother’s death.

Samwell Tarly - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

Theon after saving his sister will go to Winterfell, and eventually, after the battle of Winterfell, lead the Northerners to Pike when Winterfell burns to ashes.

Theon Greyjoy - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

Sam learned about his father and brother. Jon Snow learned of his true bloodline. The Hound and and Arya have been reacquainted. Sansa and Tyrion finally met again. What all the characters will do with the information is what makes waiting for Episode 2 nearly unbearable to wait for.

We saw Sansa's feelings toward Daenerys, Sam's hatred at his family being killed, Jon's reaction to his true lineage, the white walkers advancing and essentially toying with people, a whole lot of drama starting between Jaime and Bran, reunions everywhere. Hell, we even got hints towards a potential rebellion against Dany. It was an excellent episode alltogether.

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When Arya said "remember who your family is", I think that is gonna come in to play later. Cause Jon will always will be a Stark. I thought it sounded like a veiled threat. I love Arya but she's become psycho. I'm afraid anyone that comes between the the Stark family will end up on her list. I did love her exchange with the hound. I don't care what people say. That was "I missed you" and "I missed you too"

It's not clear exactly what Jamie knew about Bran. As of when he left Winterfell, Bran was still alive. If I recall correctly, it was Littlefinger who sent the assassin with a dagger from House Lannister to use Bran's injury (and assassination) to set Lannister and Stark at each other's throats. Jamie tossed him out the window on an impulse, to hide their secret, but ultimately at that time didn't care about anybody except Cersei and Tyrion. I think the old Jamie didn't care enough about Bran to wonder if he'd lived or died.

Sansa is being practical. She has become of what she has learned how to survive. It's another character we need to flow with rather than expecting a fairytale ending. I was really annoyed with Sansa and the northern lords not backing Jon's decision. Really you are getting too serious about titles when you have a zombie army coming to kill you all. Priorities people. She was really smart and reasonable in this episode. She knows that Winterfell won't be able to provide food for such a big army and two dragons. She cares for her people.

Jon and Dany - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Breakdown

I think Sansa is acting as such just to protect her family. It's quite natural to doubt Dany at this point. Eventually she'll get the bigger picture. Remember she's a slow learner but learns nonetheless.

I wonder if Jon is actually going to tell Dany. I mean you would think he would want to since she's his aunt and all. It would be wrong for him not to tell her and continue a relationship with her.

Expecting that Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 will be great just as this one.

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What to Expect from Season 8 of Game of thrones?

What to Expect from Season 8 of Game of thrones? The final episode of season 7 has finally aired without leaking by the hackers who have gained quite the fan support for leaking earlier episodes and still alot was not revealed. If you look up the scenes that were cut from the season, you would realize that there was more to the story than what we saw.

What to Expect from Season 8 of Game of thrones?

What to Expect from Season 8 of Game of thrones?

Questions were answered regarding Jon Snow's parents and his lineage and claim to the Iron Throne. Also a new relationship was seen to be cemented between Daenerys and Jon during the finale's ending, that turned out to be a blood relationship as Bran warged towards the marriage ceremony of Rhegar and her beloved Lyanna Stark.

According to Bran, "Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie." Also Renly Baratheon never approved of the Rebellion. The time wad indeed was one of the worst time of westeros when all of the seven kingdoms were part of a great war. His statement before walking off from Robert during his boar hunt reflected his feeling towards the great war:

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Robert Baratheon - Game of thrones - What to Expect from Season 8

The Great War

With only six episodes remaining in the series, the great war is a definitely going to be the main discussion topic and also the main fighting battle in season 8.

The great war - Game of thrones - What to Expect from Season 8

With the army of the dead on the march towards Winterfell, with white walkers, normal sized wights, wight giants and now a blue eyed blue fire breathing dragon, things will get very interesting in the wars to come.

We know that the living forces now with an unsullied army, dothraki forces, the northern forces, the knights of the Vale (don't know for sure) and two full grown fire breathing dragons will have trouble beating the army of the dead and exactly how much trouble is upto the creative side.

Also if this battle will end on the field or in some castle (probably the red keep) is a mystery but my guess is it will end at dragonstone.

The Night King - Game of thrones - What to Expect from Season 8

How on dragonstone you ask, I think the night king will take over westeros, fly to dragonstone and be killed there by Jon Snow. This deduction is based on one of the visions of Dany from Season 2 where she saw snow falling inside the throne room. That signifies that the throne room

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The Prince that was promised

Since Jon Snow is such an important part of the series, after being revealed as Rhaegar Targaryan's son in the finale. It wouldn't be wrong to assume that he is the prince that was promised in the prophecy. His revival in season 6 and his stance on killing the dead throughout season 7 has proven him to be more important than any other character in the series, even Dany.

Jon Snow - Game of thrones - What to Expect from Season 8

Since he also has a claim to the Iron Throne now, he very well could be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series (with  Dany as his queen) but that is a long time away.

Queen Cercei's Baby

Queen Cercei Lannister has been shown pregnant in this season, however a lot of people believe this to be a part of a plan made by Cercei so that she could get Tyrion to betray Dany for him so that her LANNISTER heir be sitting on the Iron Throne after this is all over. But this isn't true, if you read about the missing scenes from season 7, there would have been a scene in the finale where Cercei miscarries the baby which would have been a better ending to the season but was edited out before the final release.

However this scene will  be a part of season 8 OR if the showrunners have decided to leave this out completely and make the baby a scheme is entirely upto them. 

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Winterfell's on Fire

After recent news of fans leaking set videos and photos of Game of thrones season 8 shooting. It was quite evident, that winterfell was going to burn in flames. An important location on the show's perspective. 

Although it is not clear who or what the reason might be but the destruction through fire can only be done by one of the two characters:
  • Daenerys Targaryan
  • The Night King
Since Daenerys has a record of firing up places before she leaves them it would be quite the valid point. But since her union with Jon Snow and him bending the knee it was not my first impression that she would do this.

The Night King however has a blue fire breathing dragon that can easily burn down winterfell. Ofcourse the red fire here can be turned to blue in post production. Also winterfell will be the first place The Night King will think of visiting along with his army.

Winterfell's on Fire

So this is all but some of the things we can expect from the next season. Hope you liked it don't forget to share and leave a comment below. Don't forget to follow my Game of Thrones Memes page on facebook and the blog AKBlogs on facebook and Twitter.

3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

Generally ranking a site on Google is tougher in 2019 than it was a few years back. Google has been updating its algorithm quite frequently since 2019 has started.

They have changed the face of SEO completely. I have noticed that the affiliate sites that were on top of Google rankings are experiencing a tremendous change in their rankings because of these frequent updates.

Some site’s ranking have dropped badly and some got the skyrocket change in the rankings by coming up the Google SERPs.

3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

As a result some are getting more organic traffic where some site’s traffic has dropped by 50 percent. Moz has also changed their algorithm and the high DA sites have now dropped 4~5 DA points. A great change in SEO indeed.

Today I am about to share with you how to deal with these problem and by following these steps that I am about to share with you guys, you can rank better in Google with full surety.

Updating the Old Content

Since 2019 has started I have analyzed many sites which are not updating their content and they are dropping in rankings.

Even my own article on 10kreviews has dropped in rankings because of no updates. On the other hand I have updated my one year old content and I got 40% increase in my rankings. Hence it’s proved that "Google loves updated websites."

When you intimate Google with something new in your content, Google algorithm thinks "hmmm, he has made some changes to his old articles and added something new to it, let me rank them better, because that's what my job is"

So as much as possible update your old content on a weekly basis and you will get best results for sure.

Ahrefs UR and DR

It’s one of the important factors of SEO. Same like the domain authority is one of the SEO factors, Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating) and UR (URL Rating) are also the best factors for SEO.

If you’re getting links from sites that have the low UR and DR, you’re not going to benefit from it. Even if you get hundreds of links from them.

On the other hand when you get a link from sites which have high UR and DR, even a single link from such site can give a proper boost is rankings.

Usually I would recommend to look for the sites having DR of 20 and DR of 15. If the number is high then it’s much better.

Backlinks From Sites with Low Outbound links

You might have seen sites that link back to thousands of sites. It means the sites that are linking to many sites, their SEO juice is divided by thousands of sites.

Now let suppose we have a powerful site that links back to hundred sites instead of thousands of sites. Its SEO juice is divided by just hundred sites.

When you get a link from a site which is linking to many sites. It is not going to benefit you as much as getting a link from a site which is linking to hundred of sites.

So make sure to get link from the sites with less out bounds in order to have the most powerful backlinks.


These are the factors that are I experienced personally and that gave me the best possible results that I was looking for.

Today where my sites are today is only because of following these simple steps of SEO. Indeed there are over 200 SEO factors. But if you stick to only these three for a few months, I can guarantee that you’ll rank not only on affiliate sites but also on any blog related to any niche.

That’s it from my side. Now it’s time for you to implement these three SEO strategies and benefit from them as much as I did.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Poster released

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Poster is released. Soon following the trailer, the key visual of the second part of season 3 is here.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Poster 

The poster depicts some key visuals from this season's arc, Return to Shiganshina. The arc said to be the best of the series is going to release its first episode on April 29th named "The Town Where Everything Began". The series will have only 13 episodes in its second part.

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Blogger Changes after Google Plus Shutdown

Blogger Changes after Google Plus Shutdown - Google has recently announced the shutdown of  Google plus due to low usage from consumers. Although the number of social media users has increased from 2010, Google plus has under performed when compared to its competitors like Twitter and Facebook.

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Following this announcement, the social media network will officially close down on April 2nd, 2019. Since Google plus and Blogger have some common features, a number of changes have been made to Blogger’s Google plus  integration as of 4 February 2019.

Blogger Changes after Google Plus Shutdown

Blogger Changes after Google Plus Shutdown

A number of widgets have been removed from layout selection and cannot be used in the blogger blog:
  • +1 Button
  • Google plus  Followers
  • Google plus  Badge

Support for these widgets in Layout is no longer available. However, you can add these to your blog through 3rd party code but they will also stop working after April 2nd, 2019.

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Custom Blogger Templates

If you are using a custom blogger template that includes Google plus features, you need to update your template manually or you can contact your template provider to make the appropriate changes.

Google Plus Comments

Support for Google plus comments has been turned off, and all blogs using Google plus comments have been reverted back to using Blogger comments as default commenting sign-ins. Also comments posted as Google plus comments have not been migrated to Blogger and can't in any way appear on your blog.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Trailer is here

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Trailer is here with footage from the second part of season 3. The epic story of the popular manga "Shingeki no Kyojin" will release its anime in April of 2019. The season has already released its first 12 episodes. With the season being put on halt after the episode "Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall". The 13th episode will be released in April.

 Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Trailer

The trailer reveals the details of the first two episodes at most, just like the trailer for season 3 part 1. The season has all the previous villains of season 2 namely Berthold and Reiner as the main protagonists. Also the very mysterious Beast Titan is coming back to lead the bunch. As it is quite clear, we will get some good titan action scenes.

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Reasons why the Organic Traffic rate is Declining In 2019

Are you losing out on your website traffic? Do you think that the rank of your website is going down? If yes then getting tensed would not help you in any manner. The key thing is that you should drill down to the problem. The traffic rate of a website does fluctuate but that is mostly in case of new websites.

If a website is established and has a reputation, this problem does not exist in most cases. For webmasters, it’s important to carry out SEO analysis after few months to rectify the problems affecting their SEO plan.

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Reasons why the Organic Traffic rate is Declining In 2019 - AKBlogs

A new website layout

Have you redesigned your website and removed all the old pages? If yes then this may be a prime reason for reduced traffic. When your website is listed on Google, the pages are indexed so that they can appear in the searched results. Websites that are not indexed do not appear when users type a related research.

For example, consider that a website selling sports goods has been designed but it has not been indexed on Google. When users type “best sports goods” or any similar text in the search box, this particular website would not be displayed as it would not be indexed.
  • When the layout of a website is redesigned completely, the older pages are deleted at times. This removes the indexing and the website does not appear any longer in the searched results. As a result, users are unable to view the website. It is obvious that when people are unable to view a website, its traffic rate declines at a quick pace.
  • Keeping a regular check on the website traffic is absolutely essential. Most website owners do not adopt this practice. As a result, when the traffic on their website starts decreasing, they do not know how to handle things. By using a professional analytics tool like Google Analytics, you can keep a check on how website is performing in terms of traffic. A good traffic count obviously helps in getting more searches and conversions.

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Slow website response rate

The website speed directly depends on the data size uploaded on each page. The heavier the pages, the slower will be the website. Usually websites that are highly informative do not have attractive loading speeds. Users are quite impatient and for them, the speed of a website is more important than the content it provides. Most users are not prepared to wait till the website loads. If you are losing out on traffic and analytics show that less people are browsing your website, the slow loading speed may be a reason.
  • If the website is slow, you would have to optimize pages. Reduce the data size so that users do not have to wait. Videos, images and animations increase the data size on a web page. Thus, if you have uploaded any unnecessary images or videos, optimize the page by removing them. Unnecessary images can reduce the page loading speed of the website and make it slower.
  • Business owners do have the opinion that the more informative a website is, the better would be the traffic rate. However, this strategy does not work well if the website speed is being hampered. Let us go through an example. Consider that you visit a product website to make a purchase but the page loading pace is too slow. In such cases, users would not have the patience to wait for the page to load. Thus, it is obvious that even if you have the most informative website, the concept would not work. On the other hand, if a website has limited information but loads quickly, users would surely prefer it.
  • Losing traffic may have several reasons and slow website loading speed is one of them. Keeping a check on the website loading speed of your competitors would surely provide help. As a user, visit the website of your competitors to see the loading speeds that their websites have. If you see that your website is slower, it would be a key reason due reduced traffic. With so much competition, it is important for websites to have less loading time.

Plagiarized content can result in low traffic

What is the purpose of content. The key goal is to get the attention of readers. When people visit your website and go through the information that has been provided, they may get impressed if you have provided what they seek. For instance, if someone is searching for high quality leather bags and your website has quality content on it, you would get immediate conversions. However, this is obviously not as easy as it seems.
  • Hard work, research and content research is the only way to create a positive impression in the mind of the buyer. Why should a customer consider you and not any other website? This question should always be present in your mind. Quality content is a powerful constituent that drives traffic to your website. Websites that regular unique content never have traffic related issues.
  • As it is mentioned above, in-depth research, thorough analysis and detailed paraphrasing are needed to produce original top notch content. Other than that, to ensure that there are no originality problems, it is recommended to use a plagiarism checking application as well, check out this proof read bot for online grammar checking and proofreading.
  • Plagiarized content has dual negative effects. For instance, you would start losing customers as they would not have anything new to read. Websites that have copied content fail to engage the customers and expand their traffic rate as well. Submitting copied content leaves the impression that no effort has been invested for creating content. It is obvious that this reduces the trust of the customer and he starts looking at websites with unique information. Some websites use spinning softwares to modify existing content but this is not a recommended strategy in any manner. Search engines, particularly Google, do not encourage the use of spinning softwares to create content. So, plagiarized content evaluation is necessary for the writers.
  • Another key negative aspect of submitting copied content is violation of search engine policies. Google has strict procedures for content originality and it is not the most used search engine without a reason. Website owners need to understand how a website is gauged in terms of quality. If the traffic on your website is low, it would be mainly because of substandard content. The standard of content on website is pivotal for deciding its rank. If you go through the top rated websites listed in a category, you would realize that all of them have the finest content written after detailed research. If your website does not have well researched content, it would be hard to engage the reader and convince him to spend money. In other words, lack of quality content can adversely affect both traffic and conversions.

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Complications and lack of understanding

Why would people spend time on a website when they fail to understand it? This does happen when a website has a complicated interface which people fail to understand. For instance, it is hard for users to digest too much information. If they feel that a website is overloaded with facts, they would get frustrated and leave the website. Brands that have simple websites win the hearts of the customers resulting in improved traffic rate.
  • A website should be easy to interpret. If someone is ending up on the landing page, he would be able to browse around without a lot of help. Websites that have a complicated architecture create navigation issues for the user. If someone is not tech savvy, he would even be unable to move between pages. Thus, before concentrating on technological advancements, make sure that user experience is not being compromised at any stage.
    User experience is absolutely important. A website can only grow in terms of traffic if people enjoy spending time on it. The moment people feel that website is complicated; they would obviously look for simpler options. A potential customer may not be interested in reading through everything. If he finds his desired chunk of information easily, he may not see the other content areas. On the other hand, if he keeps searching for several hours and still does not get what he is looking for, he would obviously not be encouraged to spend his precious time on browsing the website again.
  • It is important to keep the website simple in terms of interface and content arrangement. This can be done by considering yourself in place of the customer. In addition to that, compare your website to the other options in terms of usability. You should have a simpler interface than your competitors to get more traffic. If people witness that competitor websites are simpler to use and understand, the traffic count on your website would obviously go down.


The traffic on a website proves to be beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, it grows the reputation of the website. A reputed website obviously gets more traffic as it is considered dependable. Other than that, it helps in business terms as well. When a website has an overall high traffic rate, it gets more conversions which mean better sales volumes.

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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Read These Tips before Hiring

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? The digital marketing platform is growing in demand for potential and more powerful that it connects one end of the world. The online digital marketing platform focuses on providing advertising that can increase the visibility of the company and give many suggestions to consumers to find the right product for themselves.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Read These Tips before Hiring

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

It is imperative to find a digital marketing Agency that represents you and your business in the best possible way.

Make your marketing mobile.

Even if a desktop version of your marketing content looks good, be sure to verify that it is translated to the devices. Consumers expect cohesion between platforms, and therefore the higher the accessibility they supply to their audience, a lot of possibilities there to shop for.

Remember that authenticity reigns in any of these strategies. Once you do, the online presence allows you to connect with your audience in ways that were previously unknown and create a brand with which they will constantly strive.

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How to rank in SEO

This is a common question in the SEO field, how to rank through SEO so that a non-SEO person is worried about it. In a more challenging area, in order to succeed, you must have a good handle for a variety of subjects. Therefore, you need to learn about On-Page and OFF-page SEO.

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Assorted Advertising and Marketing

Whilst targeting your target audience, diversification plays an important function for your advertising and marketing campaigns. Diversification method that you can use a selection of procedures and techniques with a purpose to attain your potentialities. With online marketing, diversification will become plenty simpler. Further to that, it's far possible so one can run varying advertising techniques simultaneously to higher put into effect your advertising campaign.

Internet Advertising 24/7

Advertising and Internet marketing reduce fee and work all day long. This means that your marketing campaigns work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compared to conventional advertising, network marketing now does not restrict it to the initial hours. At the same time, he would no longer be demanding the payment of additional time in his group of workers.

Similarly, there may not be a regional or international time distinction to worry about the reach or availability of your donations or online campaigns. Every time a person opens their computer and connects to the Internet, there is a greater risk of them seeing your advertising campaign. In addition, customers can search for your product at its maximum usage time.

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Each and Every time for you

Hire an advertising and marketing employer allows you to become aware of your interest in different things. Instead of monitoring Google's analysis every day and looking for freelancers to design their publications on social networks, they could focus on micromanagement. That is essential in the boom of your business. You must let go of the idea that you have to worry about all the components of your company.

As an alternative, let your organization take care of your advertising activities, and be aware of the massive photography, perfecting and developing your company.

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Time-powerful advertising

In contrast to conventional marketing, Internet advertising and marketing are simple to start and fast to implement. You can effortlessly set up an advertising campaign at any time that is convenient for you. Actually, you can set up email advertising for your company in the best number of hours. In the next few minutes, you can set up an automatic response and create a marketing list in your business.

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YouTube Marketing - Can It Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

YouTube Marketing - It is no more a secret that Video is the leader in the world of digital marketing. It is the video that gives a brand a chance to reach to their potential customer by engaging them and making them aware of their products and services with that video.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube is the biggest media where you can upload your corporate video and can easily reach out to your target customers and audiences. Youtube channel comes up with thousands of free Youtube subscribers offers huge audience. That means when you advertise your product or service on Youtube channel you have the biggest chance that your target customer watches your video.

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YouTube Marketing - Can It Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Can It Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Apart from the free subscribers, Youtube also has more than 1 billion users and it is available in 76 different languages. Thus, uploading your product video on Youtube can give a great opportunity for taking your brand to the next level at local as well as international market area. Moreover, Youtube also has the following advantages which will certainly help you to enhance your brand.

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Great way to engage Customer:

You can provide a great customer support with Youtube channel. With Youtube, you can provide a better way to educate your customers and share the product information with them. Youtube videos help you to engage your customer more than what you can never do with blogs or articles. There is no denying that people like to learn by watching videos than to read something. Taking this advantage you can create some amazing product videos and upload them on your Youtube channel and you can thus make your audience understand about your product without overwhelming them.

You can guide the viewer to understand the use, precautions or maintenance of the products by the business. You can also make aware them about the upcoming products that is also called pre-promotion so that they will be ready in advance to buy the products and you make get product orders in advance that make you aware about the demand and production need.

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Live videos:

You can have live streaming on your Youtube and with that, you get the opportunity to connect and interact with your potential customers in real time. It is very easy to stream Youtube live videos on your smartphone or laptop. You can use this facility to host a question and answer session with your customer to understand their necessities and concern. This will certainly help you to enhance the level of your customer service.

Another advantage of this kind of live video is that when this live video completes it gets automatically uploaded on the Youtube channel of you as a recorded video. When this live video will be uploaded to your channel all the users of your free Youtube subscribers can watch the video and thereby you can have thousands of view for your live video. Increasing view means you are reaching to more people and more people are getting information about your products and services hence your brand value will increase.

Creative influencer collaborations:

There is no denying that Youtube is one of the biggest influencers on the Internet. That is why Youtube is becoming the fast endorsers of many small and big companies. With Youtube videos, companies can create a credible brand image. Youtube provides a huge opportunity for creative influencer collaborations. So, whenever you want to promote your brand you can collaborate with Youtube videos and you should find a content creator whose brand will align with your company.

360 videos

The videos of Youtube are very impressive and you can make it more interesting with 360 video features of Youtube. 360 videos are those types of videos which are usually recorded from multiple angles and that too at the same time. This helps the viewers of Youtube video to control the direction from every possible angle by dragging and toggling through the frame of the video. Thus you can publish spherical Youtube product video provided you have all the necessary equipment, tools, and expertise for making the video. Otherwise, you can hire a video production company who has expertise in this field and can easily produce flawless 360 videos for the product of your company.

Thus, Youtube not only provides you with free subscribers but with the help of Youtube you can easily improve the brand awareness and engagement of potential customers. Youtube product videos can provide you with a huge number of leads and these leads will be easily converted into potential customers. This will also help you to drive more and more traffic to your website. When more and more users will visit your website it is certain that your sales will be increased to a great extent and with that, your brand will definitely go to the next level.

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Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

Things which demand less input and gets high output are liked by everyone, the creator and the consumer. Some hacks really work well when we have to recycle or make our old stuff more workable. Same goes for old blog posts, when you apply some trick and polish their content so that they may look new and drive more traffic to your website.

Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

A “power ruling” may be applied to some older posts, which are able to drive more traffic to our blogs even sometimes they are not constructed by following all principles of SEO.

Why it is significant to update old blog posts?

A big ‘food for thought,’you might be wondering that if a post is already driving more visitors to your website why is it necessary to update that post. Here is the answer, first analyse which post is playing that essential role of attraction; it is necessary to update that post because it will allow your readers to read more about that topic with new and better details. It will also enhance the probability of those visitors to visit your website often. Moreover, giving them a kick of curiosity to explore more articles.

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How to analyse which posts must be updated?

Now, this is the part where you take decisions which forces you to think about the selection of topics, which posts must be updated and which should be left without streamlining. First of all make a list of all articles like we did, and following these steps will help you more:
  • Do some statistical analysis whether updating this topic costs you more or it will drive more traffic
  • Analyse the rankings of your blog posts, updating these topics will include your blog in the list of first 10-20 or 5-25 of blogs or not
  • Check the monthly search volume of that topic
  • Weigh the estimated time for streamlining with estimated traffic
  • Calculate the specific budget for one time modernization, than roughly estimate that, if you repeat the same procedure after a month or two; is it affordable for you?

Process of updating blog posts

This process of updating old posts includes few steps, which are listed below:

Refreshing anchors

If you are adding more relevant links to your post, whether these links are internal or external it is a good step towards improvement. Moreover, remove all old irrelevant links, which do not support your topics or writing.

Remove broken links as it impacts negative SEO, use this tool to check for unwanted links.

Updating those queries, which do not demand freshness

If your article is about technology or new inventions or any scientific topic, which demands more fresh material to be added in it; it is a good idea to add new content in it. Otherwise, if your topic is about history or any other topic, which do not require new material to be added in it; marketing those articles will not profit your aim.

Adding helping material

Add some amazing facts, formulae or keywords related to your topic, which helps your reader to enhance his or her knowledge and allow him to search more about that topic.

A Simple Tip

Tip for improvement is; you must not add the content, which deviates from the topic it will lessen your reader's attention towards the article.

Change your time stamp of your blog post “published on” to “last updated” and actually adding noticeable fresh material in the form of new tags, information or keywords. It will grab more attention from your reader. This helps updating old blog posts for driving more traffic.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Development Company

Are you planning to take your business online? If yes; it is a wonderful choice to select a new platform to boost your brand. However, a website alone can make or break your business if done without a strategy. It is best to hire a professional web development company or service to launch your business with proper tools and strategy. Let us look at the five reasons to hire them for the launch of your virtual business.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Development Company

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Strategic websites

A website acts as the face of a business which attracts the attention of the users with its design and products. Hiring a professional web development firm to build your website from scratch will give you the freedom to make the web space cater to your business goals. It is one of the best investments you can do to your business for the long-term. A professional web developer gives a clean and unique look to make it stand apart from other million websites existing on the internet.

A professional can understand the demands of your business and build a website to generate leads and online sales. If the website is an information portal or a blog, the web developer uses different layouts, graphics, and designs to make it appealing to the users. Professional web developers of a firm have unlimited access to various tools required to build a functional website and have the knowledge to integrate latest technologies into the website.

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Personalized Web Properties

Users that access the website care about some properties like loading time, ease of navigation and visual build. A website with crowded content and too many ads is an off-putting quality on a website. A web development company takes all such aspects into consideration while designing the website. The layout of the content should be hierarchical to make the website look professional.

The quality of coding done by professionals falls in accordance with web standards. Well coded web pages make the website look easy on the eyes of the user and give the best first impression which makes the visitors come back to your website.

It is difficult to make feature-rich website along with enhanced functionality without the help of a professional. Apart from building an aesthetically pleasing website, the website should be able to reflect the ethics and values of the business to gain the trust of the users.

A web development firm makes sure to give positive vibes to the users as no one visits a website which appears to be sketchy. The professionally built website can add features like book an appointment, share on social media, join the newsletter etc for the user communication.

Content Management

Just like the framework and design of a website, having clear and precise content is needed to engage the user after opening your website. The professional web developer builds content which shares the journey and story of your brand. Compelling words with a relevant topic is a sure way to keep the audience engaged.

Digital marketing strategies revolve around powerful content which converts the users into customers. A professional can help in keeping the content consistent and builds the trust of the target audience. A professional web development company has experience in creating the right content that complements the marketing strategy and brand value too.

For a website to be successful there needs to be a balance between engaging content and layout or design specifications. The amount of white space around the content also creates an impact on the web engagement. So hire professional Indian software developers to create engaging content with robust web design and SEO optimized keywords. Here's a list of SEO techniques by AKBlogs.

Web analytics

Creating a good website is not the end of the business strategy. To develop the business and make it viable with profits, the owner should understand the web traffic and how to convert leads into potential customers. A professional web development company has resources like web analysts that can give you information about the performance of the website and give reports on the user preferences.

By obtaining the data on user patterns and their taste, a business can change its strategies and tactics to attract customers. Leaving a comments section for websites like blogs, entertainment, and news portals will help the business understand its shortcomings.

Web analytics also give a detailed report on which products are more popular and how much time is spent on specific products. Understanding web analytics can help the firm to change its marketing strategy and improve the cash influx. The analytics data give a competitive edge over other businesses and think ahead of new marketing trends. A business can reach only its full potential by staying on track of all the trends and technologies.

SEO optimization

There is no point in making a great website if it is not recognized by search engines. SEO optimization is crucial to increase the visibility of a website and professional web developers take great care to optimize the website.

They have the capabilities to help the website rank higher in the search results with related keywords and titles. A web page should be optimized for the images embedded in it and to increase the loading time. Expert web developers code well and add features to the web design to help the search bots to crawl the content easily.

Without a proper SEO optimization team, the website will never surface on top search results and will likely go unnoticed by the users. It is very important to make responsive web pages that can load faster and be compatible with all devices. A website undergoes changes continuously, and it requires the help of a webmaster to update the site on new technologies and trends.

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Conclusion to Hiring a Professional Web Development Company

Hiring a professional web development company to build a functional and pleasing website not only brings in customers but also saves time and money. It is recommended to talk to the firm of your choice before handing over the web development services to discuss the experience and expertise they have. Make sure to communicate well during the development and see how their effort will give you an increase in ROI.

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What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India?

According to a recent research, it was stated that more than 50% of youth do not have any idea about their career. Are you one of them? Are you searching for a good career option? If you do not have any idea then this article is completely meant for you.

What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India? 

Digital marketing is a field that is rising each and every day. More and more people are creating accounts on internet and thus results in increasing number on people on network. This helps people to advertise them on internet as most of the people spent their time on internet media. Here I’m going to explain some aspects about digital marketing that marks it as a good career option.

Welcome to Digital India

Do you search on Google whenever you need to know something? Do you search on web to know cooking recipes, fashion trends, latest movies & songs? Do you book online tickets for movies, order online food or pay online bills? If your answer is yes, then you have entered into the digital world.

Surely most of the people do so. But if you don’t do, then let me tell you that you are going enter in this digital world so soon. This is all what digital India is. People are using search engines to get information and social media’s to share information. So what if you use these digital platforms for your business? Yes you can do. Don’t know how? Keep reading to get your answers.

What is the Scope for Career in Digital Marketing in India?

Career scope

As I already told you that people are using internet for fulfilling their needs. And it is a good option to start business online. But do you think just having an online business website or business pages are enough? Of course not, if you don’t market your brand or business, it will get lost in millions of business around the web. So this leads to hire digital marketers.

And this need is increasing day per day. Everyday a new website, business page, social media pages or apps comes to existence, and they all need digital marketers in order to establish and increase their online business. With increasing internet usage, need of digital marketers is increasing and thus scope of this field rises.

Working Options

Digital Marketing is a vast field and you have a number of options to select. SEO, Social media marketing, Pay per click, affiliate marketing, content marketing are all parts of digital marketing. You can select one of them or even learn each part. You can learn digital marketing through online sources such as reading blogs, articles, watching videos, or join online courses. Also you can join for digital marketing course at some institute.

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High earnings

Not only the field is future secure, but it also increases your earnings. Digital marketing is a field where you can so many opportunities to increase you earning. If you're a digital marketing expert, then you will get a lot of earning jobs even at your home. You will not need to spend the whole day working in some boring office. Even you can work as a freelancer or can do partnership with companies. Work in your own way and get paid from online sources.

Your Dream Job is here…

Have you ever thought to work according to your own policies, or set up your business brand? Now this all can be made possible. But for that, you have you to become expert in digital marketing. Only then you can work on your own. Join an online academy for getting digital marketing coaching. Clear your vision in the field and work at your own place.

About Author: 

Deepika Arora | Digital Marketing Analyst | 21 | Female

Hey, I’m a digital marketing analyst in Dealsshutter and involved in advertising and creation. I become a writer by profession and get influenced by passion. I like to inspire and get inspired. Believe in doing Good, Better and Best. And never let it rest!

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8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content Marketing Tips for Beginners - Content marketing is a way to reach out to new customers and establish a reputable business image. The concept of content marketing is not too tricky to be grasped and it really has amazing outcomes. It is a give and take process.

8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

You offer your audience with a content that entertains them or offer new valuable information to them and along with that, they get to receive some information about your product. This knowledge suggests the potential customers to buy the product and expands the product’s market by converting new customers.

This article is going to pour in a few good suggestions about how you can make your content good and have a productive response.

1# Quality Makes It Valuable

Adding value to the content means providing your audience with quality content. People are spending their time on reading your provided content and you have to make sure that they do not feel afterwards that they wasted their time. There are many ways to produce valuable content. However, you need to have some basic understanding of what people like generally.

2# How to Have People’s Attention

There are two parts of generating successful content; take hold of the attention, and engaging it long enough to pass the message and make it stick to the mind of the audience. For gaining attention, you can have a catchy or trendy tagline or a topic that is a taboo. You can add an image that is peculiar in some sense or you can use an aesthetically appealing picture. All of this will grab the attention of people and getting is the easier part to be honest.

People’s Attention - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

3# Engaging the Audience

Here comes the difficult part! Engaging people is not an easy task and you need to come up with something significant in order to hold the attention. Let us share the secret. There are three basic types of content that engages an audience. Your content should be entertaining, informative, or it should evoke emotions. Researchers say that these are the three things that make people watch or read a content completely, share it with others, and remember it for long time.

Engaging the Audience

4# Work on Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect of content marketing and new businesses should spend their resources on SEO in order to grow faster. Having a Wikipedia page can be great help for Search Engine Optimization. There are best Wikipedia page writers for hire available online whom you can approach.

Search Engine Optimization - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

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5# Make It a tool to Connect

Content marketing can be done in two ways basically; you either post your content through a medium that belongs to a third party, or you choose to own your own content marketing platform. Both are effective and produce good results. However, it is recommended to have your own platform (websites, social media accounts, blogs, mobile app, and so on) as it is more suitable in the long run.

It allows you to connect to your audience directly which can provide you with great advantages. It also lets you have a direct feedback from the audience and helps you in market researches.

Connect - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

6# Accessibility Matters

The content that you produce must be accessible by a good range of people, especially by your targeted audience. Using visual and voice based content can help you interact with people who have any kind disabilities. Also, you can use the advanced technology to improve your accessibility like social media sites.

7# Select the Right Tools

It is very important to choose right tools for content marketing otherwise managing the whole thing can be really difficult. There are tools that can help you update your blogs and social media networks. Other than this, tools that help you send emails at once are really helpful in enabling you to meet deadlines and save time.

Tools - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

8# Target Your Customer

Different social media sites can help you reach out to your targeted audience and you can do a research to know which of the platforms is better for targeting your potential customers. For instance, using Facebook can make you reach to a common people, generally belonging to an age limit of 15 to 50. Contrary to this, LinkedIn and Twitter is more likely to connect you with professionals and business persons.

Customer - 8 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

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These are the 8 content marketing tips for beginners, understand all of these to get a better know-how of content marketing. Don't forget to follow the blog AKBlogs on facebook and Twitter.