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The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown | Blocked

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 aired on October 16, 2018. The episode is titled "Blocked" with the next episode 3 coming on October 23, 2018 titled "The death of Vibe". The episode started exactly where the last episode ended with the new villain Cicada, played by Chris Klein, ending the life of Gridlock and taking his powers. About the identity of this man, Cicada, not much was revealed but he did come back at the end to meet the flash and his team.

Cicada - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown | Blocked

The episode kicked off with team flash discussing the fact that Nora wasn't actually trapped in the timeline instead she was there because of her own will. 

Apart from that the main concentration of the episode was on Cisco for being too hung up on Gypsy aka Susan. The members of team flash try to make him move forward from his obscure situation and try to balance his emotions. Ralph Dibny comes up with the main plan for this.

The big baddie of this episode, Block makes her first appearance on the TV screen. She apparently can create layers of dense molecules and shape them as blocks hence the name block.

Block - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

Vanessa Jansen aka Block turns into an arms dealer and tries to sell those arms when the team Flash catch her. XS catches her first baddie this season. Then Cicada played by Chris Klein shows up to take the powers of the three team flash members.

Team Flash - The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown  Blocked

That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 2 Breakdown.

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6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

There are many people who have ideas in their minds that can lead them to great successes but they just do not have the courage to pursue them. People think that starting a business of their own is too risky and so they keep doing the monotonous jobs that has become their comfort zone even though it is boring and does not payback in the long-run. These are the 6 things successful content marketers do for achieving success in their field.

Entrepreneurship has its risks and nobody is denying that. But the fact is that it has the rewards that you cannot have with a 9 to 5 job. This article is sharing some of the characteristics of a successful content marketer that can be a guide for entrepreneurs.

6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

6 Things Successful Content Marketers Do

The risks with entrepreneurship can be avoided if done correctly. Nobody is saying that you can develop a business with trillion dollar net worth in two weeks. But with the right strategies, you have a chance of owning something big with entrepreneurship. All you need to do is to avoid the risk by employing the best business strategies that you can.

One factor that reduces the chance of failure with entrepreneurship is good marketing. With a focus on marketing, it is possible to grow quickly in a small period of time. However, the traditional marketing can be expensive and may not return the investment in high rates sometimes. This is why people often choose Content Marketing as the major marketing strategies for their new or old businesses. Yet, in order to tap into great profits, you need to be a good content marketer.

Know the Market Well

A good content marketer is the one who knows exactly whom he is communicating with. Knowing the market makes you understand what would work and what wouldn’t. It will make it easier for you to understand the audience generally. Moreover, it will provide you with the information about what are the demands of the audience and what kind of content will attract them to read your content. If what you are offering is what is needed, only then you will be successful at convincing people.
Content Quality Matters the Most

The core idea of content marketing revolves around an exchange of benefits between the audience and the marketer. The marketer has to provide the audience with good quality content in exchange of their attention. So, a good content marketer is the one who offers good content because it will engage more audience’s attention.

Post Regularly

Success in the content marketing comes to those who choose to establish a constant relationship with their audience. This is because it is in human nature that when they get to see something repeatedly, they become accustomed to it, start trusting it, and remember it. This is one of the fundamentals of marketing and advertisement. Additionally, posting regularly makes you more approachable due to your constant internet presence. And the more people get to see your content, the more popular your brand will become.

Make a Wikipedia Page

A Wikipedia page of your brand is one of the unique and effective content marketing strategies. It promotes your page and makes your internet presence permanent. Since Wikipedia pages are always in the top results of search engines, it also makes you have more trafficking and spreads brand awareness among more audience. Most importantly, it saves your time and effort. You only need to keep it updated without changing the entire content. You can choose to hire a Wikipedia page writer and editor and have a Wikipedia page of your own.

Make a Wikipedia Page

Use High-tech for Managing the Responsibilities Effectively

Managing a constant presence on different blogging sites and social media can be a tough task for busy business owners. There are software and apps that can help you schedule your posts for future and share a single post at different platforms. The knowledge of the right technological tools can help you with managing so many tasks at once.

Follow the Latest Trends

It is important to keep an eye on what kind of content is liked on the social networks and what are the hot topics that people like to read about. This will enhance the chances of your content being shared over the internet because sharing of the content further promotes your product and multiplies your audience.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019 after the end of episode 12, season 3 of Attack on Titan was officially broken down into two parts. The first part known as the uprising arc has ended at episode 12 of season 3. The new arc "The return to Shiganshina Arc" to resume season 3 in April 2019.

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Attack on Titan Season 3 delayed until April 2019

Bad news is that Attack On Titan is delayed until April 2019. After this episode, it will return in April of 2019. One of the reasons is that they are giving time for manga to move ahead in story so that they don't have to stop the production anime due to lack of source material like what happened after season 1. They had to stop production of anime for 4 years just so they had source material to create content from.

The other reason being NHK has other things to broadcast other than this anime, hence the anime briefly stops here. It's to give way to another show that has reserved this time-slot. NHK is a national channel in Japan. So it's possible they allotted the time frame to some other show.

You may think that in everyone's layman view this delay was not necessary, but this is a significant move by any broadcast station in Japan, due to plethora amount of studio that pumps out shows and series that needs to be broadcasted for revenue.

The final reason is that its all an effort to build hype. Imagine the return of the Attack titan to fight the armored and the colossal titan in 2019. Surely anyone who has watched the series can get goosebumps thinking about this.

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Bidvertiser Review

Here's my Bidvertiser Review, also Known as Bidvertiser is an Advertising/Ad-publishing network which does not need any requirements from its publishers. Yeah!! Really, its good for those publishers whose website are on a sub-domain, like, and they really want to earn money from their site's content with little traffic.

Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review

This is easy and bidvertiser can make a lot of money for you, but the basic requirement is still the same, i.e., you need high website traffic, high number of viewers will work for any advertising company on the web.

Bidvertiser Review, is it even necessary? You just need to "Sign Up" at and your account will be active the moment you confirm your account through your e-mail, and you can instantly place ads on your website and start generating revenue from it.

Is Bidvertiser Contextual?

But a problem with bidvertiser is that you need to give them some keywords and the category of your website, otherwise they don't have the ability to display ads related to the context of your webpage, on the other hand advertising networks like Google Adsense and Chitika get the keywords of your website themselves. When you submit a website to Bidvertiser, Bidvertiser demands some keywords and a category for your website.

Placing ads on your Website or Blog through Bidvertiser

After signing up, you need to add your website or blog to your account. Simply go to the "Manage Bidvertisers" tab and choose "Add new Bidvertiser" option. On the opening page, you will be prompted to add a new bidvertiser ad under a new domain.

This "New Bidvertiser" is like an ad-unit. Give your bidvertiser ad a title, write the URL of your website (only enter the top-level domain of your website like, language of ad unit and the last part the category and sub-category of your website.

After adding your website to Bidvertiser, come back to "Bidvertiser Centre" tab, choose your website and click "Choose Template," button below your bidvertisers list, on the opening pop-up window you'll be prompted to choose an ad size for your ad-unit. One ad-unit can accommodate one and only one ad-size. Although it can be altered later.

After choosing your ad-unit size, you can choose the preferences for your ad-unit by clicking "Preferences" option next to "Get Ad Code" option, here you can choose like whether you want to display eBay ads, image ads, pop-up ads or not. Now they even have an option for showing slider ads which will start to show slides of ads from September 1, 2011.

After the preferences, click "Get Ad Code" and take the code and place the ad-unit on your website.
Choose any ad size that fits your website, they have a large variety of ad units. Most people prefer placing their ads right above their website's content. It becomes easier as you go by trying different ad placements.

What are Valid clicks?

But the bad thing about Bidvertiser is that they don't pay you for every click. Just the "Legitimate clicks" or "Valid Clicks" are paid and the rest are called as "Invalid Clicks". If your website's visitor clicks on an ad and then interacts with the page to which he is taken, than you get paid for that click. All other clicks which do not result in the visitor's interaction with the ad are valueless and are termed as "Invalid clicks."

This sounds difficult but with high website traffic, it becomes much easy. Well, it depends on you that whether you want to sell your ad space to Bidvertiser, if you want to, or not.

Bidvertiser and Google Adsense

Some people want to compare Bidvertiser with Google Adsense but Adsense and Bidvertiser are approximately the same. It sounds strange, but it is true. You can read other reviews about Google Adsense or Bidvertiser only, you would get these two as the most competitive advertising networks on the web. People that get high website traffic and run some of the world's popular websites or blogs, rank Google Adsense and Bidvertiser at the same number. They are the best alternatives of each other.

Bidvertiser has a PPC (Pay Per Click) or I should say (Earn Per Click) ad displaying system for publishers. Its main system through which it targets ads for your website is a bidding system. The advertiser which pays the most for your ad space gets to place his ad on your website via Bidvertiser's bidding system.

If you get more than an optimum number of advertisers, who want your ad space, than Bidvertiser selects the highest paying advertiser's ads for our website. Much like Buy Sell Ads. Although it is an ad affiliate network, not much heard of before, but it earns as good as Google Adsense does.
You might see posts for Bidvertiser as a scam but those are just to drive people away from bidvertiser written by some foolish people.

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Getting Foreign traffic through Free Google Translate tool

In this article we will discuss getting foreign traffic through free google Translate tool for your website. If you have have a website or blog which has got some success for over a month or more, you'll have noticed some viewers coming from different parts of the world, mostly Russia, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, India, Pakistan, etc. whose browsers are working in their own local language.

Getting Foreign traffic through Translate tool

Getting Foreign traffic through Free Google Translate tool

The search engines that these foreign users use don't show search results in English like Chinese, Russian search engines, so the major part of the non-English using internet users don't have even a single link to come to a blog or website which is completely based on English language, like your blog.

The one way you can get these users to come to your website or blog is to start submitting your website or blog to the popular search engines of their locale. I've already written an article about pinging a blog to the popular search engines of the world.

But you can still get these users and eventually double or triple the number of your website visitors by using a simple tool called Google Translate tool.
Click here to go to the Google Translate tool webpage
Choose your webpage's specifications and get the code, add it to your website. Any web user from the entire world can now visit your webpage by just searching on Google because Google translate tool automatically pings each of your blog posts or web pages to all the Google Search Engines and submit all your pages/posts to the respective Google Search engine used in any local language.

This will also help those visitors that have come to your website using non-English browser through some link by showing a bannner which allows them to translate your website. This helps a lot in driving non-english speaking nation's traffic to a blog.

I'll be updating this post specially, to give you some important information about getting traffic from translate tools, etc.

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Is ClickBank a Scam?

I have seen many people writing posts and reviews about the topic, "Is ClickBank a scam" just because they don't know some basics of being a Clickbank affiliate. The phrase "Is Clickbank a scam" has become more popular in google search than expected.

Mainly due to some reasons which I have mentioned below. Clickbank has a little system through which it deducts money earned by its affiliates in a manner the affiliate has agreed to, but does not realise it.

But first let me tell you:
Over 90% of Clickbank's affiliates are inactive mostly during a year
This is the biggest reason why people start leaving Clickbank, their own inactivity. The affiliates after working on Clickbank products and even getting sales don't go back to their account for a long period of time and eventually loose their income because of their inactivity from Clickbank.You may know about Dormant accounts:
Dormant accounts are those which have a positive balance but without any earnings for an extended period of time
Dormant accounts are subjected to pay a 1$ fine per day after 90 days of inactivity. 5$ fine a day after 180 days of inactivity. 50$ fine a day after 365 days of inactivity, this also goes for not earning for the same time period.

This results in a loose of trust from Clickbank by its users (affiliates mainly) just because they don't know some simple rules of using Clickbank, which the affiliate has already agreed to by tick marking the statement that he has read their program policy.

Is ClickBank a Scam? - Clickbank deducting income from its inactive affiliates

The other main reason that people find annoying and then start calling clickbank a scam is that a person needs to get atleast five sales before he gets paid by Clickbank. Even if you have made about 200$ commission by getting 4 sales and you have given Clickbank a minimum of 100$ to send you your cheque.

Even than you can't get you money because you still haven't got 5 sales yet. This is a bit annoying but you have already agreed to that by agreeing to the Clickbank Client Contract. A visitor commented under this post that this is because the user may not buy his own product and get commissions for it, I agree with this reason too.

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List of Social Media Sites for Marketing Websites

In this article you will be introduced to a list of Social Media Sites for marketing websites and blogs. These sites will help you gain new audience as well as retain previous audiences keeping them in touch with their interest.

List of Social Media Sites for Marketing Websites

List of Social Media Sites for Marketing Websites

When you start making your blog and you get into blogging well & you get responses by the people, you actually get encouraged through all this. And this increases your liability with your blog and you develop an approach in which you start writing more in it.

All of this becomes a habit later on and it gets on to you and even everyone. But the main thing you should and could do for your blog is to socialize it through some social network. Because there is no worth writing blog posts for no one but only those who search for it & may find it. Although,this doesn't  mean that you should not use SEO tactics for your blog post. This is not what I meant. I meant that you should search for more than just one source of traffic.

Social media sites can be a great way to market your product and enhance your sales. Here are some Social media tips and tricks for you.

What some bloggers probably need is a social network attraction towards their blog. All of your hard work comes to no avail when you don't get the audience & the responses & the most important, popularity among people of your line.

So, I decided to write something about this all & convey my message to all new bloggers that how to gain much success with your blog without writing so much. The first thing you need to know about is some social networks, these networks help a lot in bringing audience to your blog.

The basic definition of a social network is:
A website where one connects with those people who share their personal or professional interests, places of origin, education from a particular school, etc.

You might have heard of Facebook, YouTube & Twitter as the three of the most popular social networks, as they are according to top sites rankings. But I will also write about Skype as it is also a good source of social approach in your website business. Because Skype is a simple way of conveying a message directly from the audience to the creator of the website.

I will tell you how to use these social networks to make your website more social & popular among your friends and relatives & those who you don't know about (the real audience)


If you are a facebook user you might know about facebook pages, groups, application & links (seen in your news feed). These help a lot in your spreading the word, i.e. they convey a lot about your blog or website. The links there help to drive traffic from facebook to your blog or website. The most effective things you can do on facebook to make your blog popular is:
  • Simply Post links of your blog's posts or website's pages to your facebook account.


The best way of making your blog popular on twitter is by tweeting your new blog posts and new website pages that you create with its title and link and hashtag. I have already written a blog post on this. Read "Socializing a blog with Twitter & Facebook" for this.

One other thing you can do is that you can make a new account with the name of your blog which will allow your twitter fans to follow you on twitter as well as increase your brand's social reach.


If you add videos to your blog or website using youtube then this is a good chance for you to use youtube to increase your website traffic. You should prefer using an account in the name of your blog or website which will store all videos of your blog or website including faq videos, support page videos and other useful website or blog information about your blog.

Youtube search engine is the second most used search engine. You should use it to get more visitors and subscribers. Here are some youtube tips for you.


Using skype helps you in your website or blog business when your users really need to contact you for your product or when they usually need help from you. I am not talking about chatting, or calling them. I mean they can actually call you or search you by your website or blog's name, like searching "Muhammad Ali Khan's blog" will display my name as the owner on Skype and resultantly, the user can get help from me directly via chat or call.

Other Social Media Sites that can help you with your Marketing website or blog promoting business are:

This is the list of Social Media Sites for Marketing Websites, don't forget to follow the blog AKBlogs on facebook Twitter.

How to Convert Adsense code to xml - Parse Adsense Code

How to Convert Adsense code to xml? Its easy and simple, you just need to Parse Adsense Code. Parsed Google Adsense ad code is normally used when someone directly needs to put that ad code in the HTML of a blog or website, or in the source code of a document. You can do this by following these simple steps.

How to Convert Adsense code to xml 

All you need to do is to replace:
  • < with &lt;
  • > with &gt;
  • " with &quot;

Resultantly, in the code and your Google Adsense code will be parsed.

Example of Parse Adsense Code

For example, if your Google Adsense code looks like:
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* 300x250*/
google_ad_slot = "yyyyyyyyyyyyyy";
google_ad_width = 300;
google_ad_height = 250;
<script type="text/javascript"
Then the parsed form of this code will be

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
/* 300x250*/
google_ad_slot = &quot;yyyyyyyyyyyyyy&quot;;
google_ad_width = 300;
google_ad_height = 250;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

I only removed < and added &lt; and removed > and added &gt; and removed " and added &quot; respectively every time they occurred in the code. You can use the simple tool on notepad called "Replace". Simply press Ctrl+H and enter the term you want to find and replace.

How to Convert Adsense code to xml

Its simple and effective. If you don't want to do this work your self. Here's a list of all the websites that can help you parsing ad code.

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A list of websites to directly parse your Google Adsense code:

Here's a list of websites to directly parse your Google Adsense code. These are fine website to parse your Google Adsense Ad code. Some one would probably need to parse an adsense ad code when he would need to place that code in the source code of a blog or website's HTML code.

A list of websites to directly parse your Google Adsense code

Parse your Google Adsense code

Like if had to place an adsense ad code in the HTML template of a blogger blog, I will have to parse my adsense ad code first, otherwise the code will not work.

In order to use these website, simply paste the Google Adsense ad code in the code entering text box and hit PARSE. A new page will open with two text boxes, the one on top of the other will display your parsed adsense ad code which was input by you in the previous page & the text box in the bottom will allow you to input more adsense codes here.

Remember that this HTML Parser was created so that the Google Adsense ad codes could be added into the body HTML of Blogger Templates. However, if any parse code you added into the Blogger Template gives an error, more likely you should add the unparsed adsense ad code in the HTML instead.

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How to Check if my Website is Penalized by Google - Google Penalty Checker Tool

In this article I will tell you how to check if my website is penalized by google using the famous google penalty checker tool "Google Search Engine Console".

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very common practice among bloggers and website owners. Everyone wants their website to be on top of google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but this practice is quite common among the masses, even with people using Google Search Console.

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How to Check if my Website is Penalized by Google

Also google keeps updating their search algorithms which makes it more and more difficult to keep your self up to date with the new SEO guidelines. With the competition being so much, its really hard to make a blog that matters.

However, a lot of SEO black hats tend to use deceitful methods that will get their blog or website to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)  by manipulating the search engine. If google finds out that you tricked them to get better rankings, that will definitely get you penalized.

How to check if your website is penalized by google

Google Penalty Checker Tool 

On confirmation of using false means to trigger traffic to your website, google could take down your site from their search results completely. What could be worse than losing your free traffic source. This could even lead to the death of a blogger's career.

How to Check if my Website is Penalized by Google?

So the question comes into the mind:

Is my site or blog suffering from a manual penalty from google ?

The answer is:

Website Traffic

The first way to find out if your blog has been blocked by google from being indexed is searching your website's traffic stats. It helps a lot to figure our where your traffic is coming from and how much of it is actually converting.

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For a blogspot user, it is very easy to see if google blocked their website. Simply go to

"Stats" then "Traffic Sources"

Google Penalty Checker Method for Blogger/Blogspot

For general websites, you can search google with your site address with the prefix "site:", for example, to search for all pages of AKBlogs using google search engine, type:

And you will find all the indexed pages for AKBlogs.

Google Search Console

If your blog traffic has taken a blow, and you feel your site has stopped showing up in Google search results, this may be due to someone manually webspamming your blog. Google tends to use manual submission of reviews of sites for SEO as a sure way to determine that the site was actually using fraudulent methods to get traffic for it. And resultantly these sites get blacklisted from google's search results.

In order to find out about manual webspam for your site, simply go to Google Search Console and submit your site there, if you haven't already.

Go to
Search Traffic” then “Manual Actions

“Search Traffic” then “Manual Actions”

If your website is considered spam by someone, you will see it here. You will possibly have to solve your webspam issues and wait for google to review it again for your website to be indexed. Hopefully, that won't be the case for most users and it is just because of low traffic, that's all.

That's about all the ways to find out about your blog being penalized by Google, I will updated this article regularly so that I may share new experiences with you and everyone on the web. I also would like your feedback on how you countered google's webspam feature from penalizing you blog.

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Comment below if you had any mishaps that resultantly got your website penalized by Google because everyone has this in his mind when his or hers website traffic decreases. Every needs some Google penalty checker tool that tells him about his or her SEO faults and what's better thatn Google Search Console.

I hope this article helps you in checking if your website is penalized by Google or not. Don't forget to follow my blog AKBlogs on facebook at Akblogspk.

How to transfer your blogger blog

If you have a blog at, suppose, and you want to take that blog to another domain like Keeping in mind that the latter domain is an available domain in blogspot. Alongwith the all the data of your blog then simply follow the following steps:

How to transfer your blogger blog

  • Open your blogger account.
  • Click on "Setting" option of the blog you want to transfer from one domain to another.
  • Goto "Basic". (It is already on "Basic" as a default.)
  • Click on "Export Blog"

How to transfer your blogger blog

  • On the opening display, click on "Download Blog" button. Your blog will be downloaded automatically in an XML document. All the content of your blog will be downloaded in this xml file. This xml file can also be used as a future back up for your blog.
  • After downloading it, open the blog's setting option where you want to upload this content on. You should already register it to make sure you can transfer it to that address. Using this xml file you can even transfer all the blog content including comments to a wordpress blog.
  • Click on "Basic" and click "Import blog" button.
  • Simply choose the file from your computer and upload it to the new blog.

Now your blog is available at a new blogspot domain. There is another way of transferring your blogger blog.

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Another way to transfer your blogger blog

Now we are going to change your blogger blog's domain name instead of copying all your data we will simply rename your blog's address. The only thing now will be check all your blog's internal links. Simply follow the steps to transfer your blogger blog to another address:

Go to "Setting"
Click "Basic" (It is already on "Basic" as a default)
Scroll down to "Publishing" as shown in figure

Another way to transfer your blogger blog

Simply change your publishing settings and change your blog's sub-domain here to the new name. It is easier than the first.

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List of 6 simple Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

Social media has rapidly grown since 2010. New and newer social media networks are hitting the web every year. And people are rushing towards every new social media outlet because of their own interests or their friends or family members. In this article I will detail the Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks for Creating a Social Media Presence on the Internet.

Taking advantage of the fact that there are so many people using social media websites and apps online. Companies and Brands which were not interested in social media sites before are now hiring proper staff to make their social media presence known.

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Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

Their brands are taking over the social media market and their is a lot of competition for specific genres. Having a social media presence is a must nowadays to improve your  brand's visibility to the people that want your product.

List of 6 simple Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

There are so many social media SEO tips and tricks guides available on the internet and each of them shares a thorough research in the vast field of social media marketing. A keen interest and handful of knowledge is required before you start to work on the social media status of your product.

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1# Engage with your Email Subscribers

Using email to drive traffic to your blog, website or product is one thing. But using this technique to direct all of your followers to your social media accounts and pages is the main priority for your Social Media SEO.

By using this technique you can get new followers through their sharing your content and also build a better relationship with your existing followers.

Creating a social media presence is necessary for promoting your blog, website or product.

Engage with your Email Subscribers

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2# Keep an eye for stats

Although I don't prefer paid adverts, but after you've realized which of your social media platforms is getting the best response from your followers, you can create a paid promotion for that specific platform to get the maximum out of that social media market.

Hire someone or keep an eye on the stats and create useful infographs which will help you understand how your campaign is performing.

Keep your content updated. People like a page that keeps them updated on the content.

Interact with your followers so as to not make them think that you are just marketing your product.

Keep an eye for stats

3# Make use of the demographics

Social media sites now allow page admins the ability to see stats for their pages like demographics etc. You can use these demographics for your own purposes, like targeting what type of users your product attracts. 

These demographics help people to develop what type of product and what audience to sell these products. Understanding your stats and conversions help you predict the success or failure of your product.

By checking various feedback elements like followers, likes, mentions, replies etc., you can target the right type of audience from your social media following.

4# Build Trust among your Followers

Any running business that wants to flourish beyond its current position should keep good relations with its clients. Building trust with product consumers is the main priority of any surviving business.

It is seen that trusted brands have a longer recall value among its clients. And brands with trust issues has a lower client retention rate. Their repeat customers are lower in number.

Engagement through social media is the best way to interact with your clients and retain customers at the same time.

Build Trust among your Followers

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5# Minimize Bot presence

Every time you message some brand page on facebook, a pre-written reply is generated. Any further discussion in bot messages that either facebook or the brand page has fed to the bot. There is no communication between the client and the page owner rather there is only talk between a bot and client.  

This creates a communication gap between client and the business man. Replying to the questions asked by the client as quickly as possible reduces this gap. That is why facebook shows response rate with facebook pages to tell clients about the communique of the businessman running this page.

You should try to be active on social media as much as possible so as to not let this gap get any bigger.

6# Get Website Traffic from Social Media

Getting traffic to your business website can be a real issue sometimes. Social media helps bringing traffic to a website easily. By linking your social media accounts to your website, you can bring targeted traffic to your website.

People who are interested in your content are attracted easily through social links. Also commenting your website link at relevant comments helps spread your website's reach.

Conclusion to Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

With these tips, your social media SEO be well on its way to success. These are some of the social media SEO tips and tricks that I have found useful for my self and wanted to share with my internet followers.

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List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

This is the new list of free website hosting websites. Some of them are charging for premium packages but their standard packages are free and some, as a whole, are absolutely free.

A good website host is a needed for the optimal working of a website. With the help of a free and cheap website host,  the process of website making begins for a newbie website developer. The hosting website is somewhat important for the users to know the basic and gain experience in website making.

List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

Website Builder

These websites have different options for website builders. Like Weebly, Tumblr, blogger, and other blogging websites. These provide a website builder alongwith it. So you just need to fill in the space with images, videos and text.

Other website hosts allow the user to use his knowledge of HTML, PHP and other web-based programming languages for their website development.

However, some of these websites allow WordPress installation either as a package of one click installation or you can install it yourself. Keep in mind WordPress is used to run almost 30% of the world’s websites so its a great start for new website developers.

List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

Its the user’s preference that he wishes to use which one of these website hosting websites but it depends on your type of website. Compare your need with the data given by the website hosting service to make your decision.

About the website builder, its the user’s preference whether he wants to use the host’s default website builder or WordPress. However, not using wordpress will make it hard for you to use custom plugins and themes.

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    The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown | Nora

    The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 aired on October 9, 2018. The episode is titled "Nora" with the next episode 2 coming on October 16, 2018 titled "Block". The episode started where the last season ended with an unexpected visit from the mystery girl who tuned out to be Barry and Iris's daughter from the future.

    Nora - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown | Nora

    This guest from the future appears at Joe's home while everyone was getting to know Jenna the newborn step-sister of Barry and Iris. They try to figure out how to get her back to the future without disrupting the timeline.

    XS - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

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    As it turns out she was also a speedster, like her father. A new villain "Gridlock" was also introduced. With the power to absorb Kinetic energy, he quickly became the big baddie.

    Gridlock - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    Nora West Allen brought with her new secrets and spoilers from the future including some one of which she repeatedly talked about, The Flash Museum.

    The Flash Museum- The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    Ralph Dibny was somewhat behind the others in figuring out who it was that time traveled first. Also to the concept of multiple earths.

    Ralph Dibny - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    A mother-daughter bonding scene is shown between the west family's new member Nora West Allen and Iris. Iris figures out that Nora is an image of Barry Allen. Nora tells her that she can do this talk with her anytime in the future. But Iris couldn't find out the truth about missing Barry here.

    Iris and Nora - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    After figuring out a way to get her safely back to her timeline. Barry and Nora give it a try and fail miserably only to find the existence of negative Tachyons inside her.

    Barry and Nora - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    The duo are somewhat safe after colliding with the speed force in the tunnel.

    Flash and XS - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    After confronting Nora, Barry finds out about his disappearance after her birth. Also that he will remain unseen for another 25 years afterwards. The flash remembers everything that the first Harrison Wells told him about this long ago in the first season.

     Flash news - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    Nora gave Barry a new ring just like the one the Reverse Flash used in season one. Inside it was a new reddish suit for the flash.

    The ring - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    The red suit was new and upgraded to a whole new level. Also this was designed by Ryan Choi, the Atom. So it is possible that we see the Atom in the Arrowverse in the near future.

    Flash New Suit - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    Finally a new mystery about the death of Caitlin's father was discovered by Ralph Dibny. Her father has faked his death for unknown reasons.

    Caitlin and Cisco - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

    Finally the big baddie of the season, Cicada, was revealed.

    Cicada - The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Breakdown

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    That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 1 Breakdown.

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    Ways of getting audience attention through variety of animated videos

    Learn ways of getting audience attention through variety of animated videos here. These days, the video generating advancement has taken a leap towards getting the direct approach for the audience through the creation of whiteboard video animations. This sort of animation can greatly affect the minds of the audience. It is eye-catchy and interactive among the people, among the new generation as well.

    Ways of getting audience attention through variety of animated videos

    Ways of getting audience attention through variety of animated videos

    If you are planning to have a completely lucrative form of the video that can facilitate your business needs immensely then you need to find the animation agency of your choice. Finding the animation services is easy. It’s just few clicks away from getting the job.

    Why to choose whiteboard video animators for your business? The only reason of selecting such type of animation is only because it will give your clients good impression about your business. The structure of the video is compromised on the simple drawing which is made by an artist. The storytelling sequence it will have can make your customers mind straight away about the product or your business.

    If you want to have the maximum attention of the people then it’s a complete GO. As a talented artist will make attractive illustrations to capture of the customers, by giving them the basic ideas through drawing and sketching. For educating the audience, to have better understanding with them.

    Knowing your business

    The first thing you need to do is to get the maximum know how about your business structure. This will provide you the basis of selection of your animation video. You will have the complete idea which one to go for. The better you know about your business the better you can market it in the industry.

    Selection of the animation category

    As you know there are a lot of video animation categories. The best way is to select from the website online, according to your need. You can do research work on the design variety the animation services offers.

    Going for the customized form video production

    Many video producing companies offers the customized form of the videos. They can be made at east online. You can continue your work with the research work by watching the informative videos on the internet through YouTube. The customized version is made to provide the marketing platform. It is a good option if you want to cut down the cost production of your video making process.

    Is it a great idea to go for the 2D or 3D animated explainer video for marketing?

    Audience like when you give them visual display of something which has cutting-edge technology. They will appreciate the creative skills. Going for 3D or 2D animations and even motions graphics can even increase the chances of success for your video.

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    Avengers 4 to have two endings - Only one will make the final cut

    Avengers 4 to have two endings, the ending that will make it in final cut will depend upon the Disney/fox merger that is currently taking place. If somehow the merger is done before the movie release they will use the second ending which they are currently shooting. The details of the shoot is not clear however it will involve new characters from the Fox's Marvel side.

    Avengers 4 to have two endings - Only one will make the final cut

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    Avengers 4 to have two endings

    If things don't go according to Disney's plan they will use a smaller version of the ending which they have already shot before they get to the Disney/Fox merger.

    Disney has already asked Fox executives before filming scenes that they would include some of the characters that fox owns.

    However If the merger didn't complete before the movie release they could be in hot water for it because Disney doesn't officially have rights for the character until the Disney/Fox merger.

    Avengers 4 Release Date

    Avengers 4 to release on April 26, 2019 initially but will release all over the US on May 3, 2019. Hopefully if the Disney/Fox merger takes place before atleast one month before that we can see the extended version of the cut. Since Captain Marvel is set to release March 6, 2016. The release of the Captain Marvel movie might also affect the ending.

    However not much details about the plot have been released.

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    Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12 | Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12 | Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall will release on October 14th at 11am Pacific time and 11pm Pakistan Standard Time. The episode 11, Bystander, was delayed due to the typhoon coverage within Japan. In episode 11 we learnt of the background story of Eren's Parents from the viewpoint of the Bystander, Keith Shadis.

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12 | Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12 | Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

    Keith Shadis was a friend of Grisha Yaeger and Carla who he secretly loved, before he could say anything about it, Carla married Grisha. Before long they had a child who Grisha gave the responsibility to avenge his mother after Wall Maria fell.

    Grisha Yaeger - Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12

    Grisha Yaeger was a special man from outside the walls with a mission to take the Royal titan from the king. He succeeded in that mission 20 years later when he killed Freida Reiss. After taking the power of the titan he returned to Keith Shadis to meet his son where he gave these powers to Eren as seen in the flashbacks of Eren's memories in episode 6.

    What to Expect from Season 3 Episode 12

    Since we know that the manga chapter 71 has been completed with episode 11. So its good to say that episode 12 will start from chapter 72 of the manga. Here are some spoilers for you:

    Warning Spoilers Ahead

    The first thing that the title gives off is the retaking of the wall Maria. So it can be assumed proceedings to retake Wall Maria will begin. Commander Erwin Smith will surely plan ahead to take back Wall Maria.

    Retake Wall Maria - Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12

    Eren, Mikasa and Armin are seen sitting in the same place as you can see from the Attack on Titan OVA Lost Girls Episode 3 where they plan to make things as before the wall fell. However in the upcoming episode preview we saw a glimpse of this conversation happening at the same place.

    I am guessing this is the last night before the mission begins. They are trying to remember the good old days before the colossal titan broke the wall.

    Eren, Mikasa and Armin - Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12

    After the Survey Corps gets ready to take back Wall Maria certain warriors will be waiting for them. Reiner and Bertholdt along with the Beast Titan will be waiting for the scouts to attack them and take back the coordinate.

    Their main goal is to capture Eren and take his powers for themselves. For what reason they want to take Eren is unknown as of yet. But we are yet to know. I'm guessing we will find this out by Season 4.

    Reiner and Bertholdt - Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12

    Character Spotlight

    Character that was most highlighted was Keith Shadis. Ofcourse it was the bystander, the whole episode is titled after him. I hope he gets more screen time in the newer episodes. The young version, not the older version who probably wants to eat Sasha.

    Keith Shadis - Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12

    These are all the expected stories I could find for the upcoming episode from different facebook pages and groups and twitter tweets. Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 12 | Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall article.

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    Youtube Update - Creator Studio replaced with Youtube Studio

    The Youtube creator studio is being replaced with Youtube studio according to recent youtube update on Creator Studio. The youtube studio had been in beta testing mode for quite a few months now. Finally youtube is ready to cast Youtube Creator Studio out and bring forth Youtube Studio.

    Creator Studio replaced with Youtube Studio -

    Youtube Update - Youtube Creator Studio being replaced with Youtube Studio

    Youtube Creator Studio had the following message for its users:
    Did you know Creator Studio is getting a makeover? We’re replacing it with the new YouTube Studio in 2019! Get ready for more tools, personalized insights, faster news, and a better dashboard. Try it out now

    Content Creators can still use Youtube creator studio till the beginning of 2019. After that Youtube creator studio will end its usability. Users will no longer be able to use it.

    Youtube Update - Youtube Creator Studio being replaced with Youtube Studio

    Try Youtube Studio Beta Version

    You can try the new Youtube Studio Beta version by clicking the "Youtube Studio Beta" option in the sidebar. 

    Try Youtube Studio Beta Version

    Unlike Youtube Creator Studio, Youtube Studio is responsive to mobile devices. That means you don't need to download the Youtube Creator Studio app from Playstore to view your channel statistics. You can simply open youtube on a mobile browser and look at all the stats.

    This is a huge improvement over the non-responsive template of Youtube Creator Studio, especially for mobile devices.

    Difference between Youtube Creator Studio and Youtube Studio

    As you can see from the visual perspective, the new youtube studio has a lot of different new tools added to the inventory.

    Difference between Youtube Creator Studio and Youtube Studio

    The first of them being the "Reach Viewers" tab. Here you can see the quantity of impressions of your videos from searches all over youtube as well as Google Search engine. A new addition being the click through rate that was not seen with the old Youtube Creator Studio.

    Now you can access the comments directly through the "Comment" tab.

    However, due to it being the beta testing phase, certain Youtube Studio are still not available like:
    • Playlist viewing and editing
    • Live streaming option
    • Translations and Transcriptions
    • Status and Features
    • Audio Library
    • Customize Channel and more

    These will soon be added, for now you can use Youtube Creator Studio for these options.

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